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Suzuko Arima (有馬 鈴子 Arima Suzuko), also known as "Bell" (ベル Beru), uses the powers of the Zone Gaia Memory. She is wife of Maruo Arima.

Suzuko Arima

Ten years ago, Suzuko used these powers to assist her husband in his crime wave before she lost the Zone Memory, later found by Soukichi Narumi who then hid it in a bear statue he kept in a vacation cabin. When Shotaro finds it, he confronts Suzuko about having Isamu Bito take the punishment for her crime before she takes it back, enabling her to help Maruo out once more in his battle against Kamen Rider Accel. She is defeated by Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Xtreme's Bicker Finallusion Maximum Drive.

Dopant Form

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Zone Dopant

Zone Dopant

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 55cm
  • Weight: 55kg

With power of Zone Dopant (ゾーン・ドーパント Zōn Dōpanto) to teleport anything she sees in a similar method in moving the pieces of a shogi board. The Zone Dopant is also the first Dopant to have no humanoid form at all, resembling a floating pyramid with an eye at the top that can shoot energy blasts.

Behind the Scenes


Suzuko is portrayed by Ryoko Gi (魏 涼子 Gi Ryōko), who later portrayed Yoshiko Tajimi in Kamen Rider Build.


  • Suzuko's alias "Bell" is likely a reference to the heroine, Belle from Beauty and The Beast.

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