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Suspended Animation is a stage that all Ventaran Kamen Riders must go through. It is basically a stage where 11 out of the 12 Riders are frozen in time, while the one unfrozen Rider must protect Ventara from Xaviax's minions. The unfrozen Rider is active for one year and at the end of the duty they are put back into Suspended Animation until their shift. The main purpose for it was to allow Ventara to be protected for a much longer period of time. This may not have always been active though as in Len's flashback it was shown that 5 Riders were active at once (Dragon Knight, Wing Knight, Strike, Torque and Siren), this may have been when Eubulon was still on Ventara and Suspended Animation was not needed. Suspended Animation was the main reason that Adam betrayed Ventara, because he did not want to leave behind his girlfriend, Sara for 11 years. This also conflicted with Kit when he was offered the role of the True Dragon Knight as he would have to leave his father behind for 11 years but he still took the position.

Present Day

After the destruction of Xaviax and all Ventarans were returned to Ventara, it is unknown if all Ventaran returned to their posts or if Suspended Animation was still necessary. While it is likely Ventaran Riders still use their decks to protect Ventara/Ventarans from stray Minions, it's unlikely that Suspended Animation is still in use as the main reason Suspended Animation was necessary was in case Xaviax attacked in the far future. Proof is when we saw four different Riders were seen in A Dragon's Tale (Kit, Len, Kase and Pryce, not including Adam as he gave up his duties as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight).


  • Due to the way each Rider was due for active duty, Kase and Len only got to spend 3 days together every 11 years.
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