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"Survive Mode!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Survive Mode is the ultimate form accessed by Kamen Riders Dragon Knight and Wing Knight; far stronger than their normal forms, Survive Mode also drains their energy faster and can only be held for short periods of time before reverting. Though it's stated that all 12 Kamen Riders have their own Survive Mode card to use during emergencies, Kase was only able to retrieve Dragon and Wing Knight's cards while fleeing from Xaviax's attack on the Riders' base (possibly implying that the cards were each stored separately and that the other 10 were either destroyed or she was simply unable to reach them while also escaping), so only their Survive Mode forms were seen. However, Xaviax never provided his Riders with their Survive cards, perhaps because he didn't trust them with the power or himself couldn't access the cards from wherever they were stored.

Survive Modes give the Riders access to a new deck of special Survive Mode-only cards; some of them are completely new to the Rider, while others are new and stronger versions of their regular cards, and some are simply relabeled cards from their normal Decks with few differences. Survive Mode deck cards can't be used in normal mode, and though normal mode cards were never attempted to be used in Survive Mode, the fact that some Survive-style cards are almost identical to their regular forms (Wing Knight's Trick and Nasty Vents) suggests that they can't be either. Though unusable, Survive Mode deck cards are evidently kept within a Rider's Advent Deck at all times (as seen in a potential gaff in episode 4), though the Survive Mode-triggering card itself isn't, preventing Riders from overusing its power.


Survive Modes for Sting, Strike, and Onyx's Japanese counterparts (potentially resembling what their own would look like) appeared in expanded material of Kamen Rider Ryuki.

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