This article is about a/an import mini-franchise in the Kamen Rider Series.
For the Rider refered to as "Super Rider", see Kazuya Oki.
For the advanced forms of Kamen Riders, see Kamen Riders' Super Forms.

Super Riders was an adaptation series of the Kamen Rider Series produced by Tong Hsing Company Limited in Taiwan from 1975 to 1976.

Super Riders productions


Super Riders

Five Super Riders
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Super Rider No.1 Hung Chi Kiang
Super Rider No.2 Tong Chi Wai
Super Rider V3 Chen Ying Jieh
Super Rider No.4 Tsai Lei Lei
Super Rider X Chian Da Long




  • In the movies that Riderman (known as Super Rider No.4 in the adaptation) appears in, his gender was changed to female.
  • Unlike his original counterpart, Garagaranda is a seperate monster instead of Ambassador Hell's form in this film series.
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