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The Strong Smash (ストロングスマッシュ Sutorongu Sumasshu) is a Smash type with several forms and identities.

Known Identities


A subject of Faust, Shimizu was transformed into the Strong Smash to retrieve Ryuga Banjo after he escaped. He was defeated by Kamen Rider Build who extracted the element liquid from him, restoring Shimizu in the process despite his memory loss. That One with the Best Match

Abducted by Faust, Kyoka Katsuragi into the Strong Smash Hazard until she was purified by Build FireHedgehog Form with the extracted element purified to create the Lock Fullbottle. Memory Starts To Talk

On November 30th, 2017, a Strong Hazard Smash attacked Sougo Tokiwa, who had been accidentally deposited into the World of Build timeline. Sougo was saved by Kamen Riders Build and Cross-Z, who performed their respective Vortex Finish attacks to destroy the Smash. Kingdom 2068

An unidentified Touto guard was transformed into a Strong Smash Hazard by Night Rogue. He was freed after being defeated by Kamen Rider Cross-Z. Judging Sento Kiryu!

A Strong Smash Hazard was sent on behalf of Hokuto to attack Touto only to be defeated by Kazumi Sawatari with a single punch amplified by the Helicopter Fullbottle. Rider Wars Start

A Strong Clone Smash was one of the Clone Smash created by Nariaki Utsumi, based on the original while lacking a human host. It accompanied Utsumi as he confronted Gentoku Himuro and his father. Once the elder Himuro helped to disable the kill switch Utsumi used to incapacitate his son, Gentoku proceeded to transform into Kamen Rider Rogue and fight the Smash, swiftly destroying it with the Crack Up Finish. The Final Weapon: Evol

A second Strong Clone Smash was summoned by Evolto-Ryuga Banjou alongside a Flying Clone Smash and a pair of Hard Guardians against Kamen Riders Build and Grease. Along with the Flying Clone Smash, it was eventually destroyed by Grease's Scrap Finish Rider Kick. Evolto Hunts Stars


Strong Smash

Strong Smash

Enhanced Strength
The Strong Smash wields vast physical strength, seen when it knocked a car several meters away with one punch.

Appearances: Episode 1

Strong Smash Hazard

Strong Smash Hazard

Appearances: Episodes 8, 15, 17

Strong Clone Smash

Strong Clone Smash

Appearances: Episode 33, 36, 41

Smash Bottle

Smash Bottle
(Strong Smash)

This Smash Bottle contains the essence of the Strong Smash.

Behind the Scenes


Both the original Strong Smash and the first Strong Smash Hazard were portrayed by suit actor Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元 Kanzaki Hajime). Those that follow are yet to be identified.

Concept Art

Strong Smash was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu)..


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