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Stranger from the North is the thirteenth episode of Saban's Masked Rider.


A student from another country visits Leawood High. While the young visitor gets a tour, Count Dregon prepares a new threat for our hero. Now, the Masked Rider must battle Dregon's new monster. Can our hero stop his evil plan?


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  • This episode uses footage from Kamen Rider J for Hydrasect's bee form while her spider form known as Arachnida came from Kamen Rider ZO.
  • Upon her destruction, Hydrasect makes a reference to The Wizard of Oz by mentioning "beautiful wickedness".
  • Kouji Segawa appeared as a double for Bjorgy when Hydrasect plummets him down to the ravine.


  • Kamen Rider J and his bike J-Crosser can be seen when Masked Rider punches Hydrasect in the air.

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