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Icon-rx.png This article is about a vehicle in Kamen Rider Black RX.

Storm Dagger

Storm Dagger is Gatezone's Personal Motorcycle. It's armed with 4 cannons and a headlight on its front. Gatezone sometimes rides it when fighting RX. He also used it to chase Kotaro out of the Crisis Fortress when he was abducted and refused to side with the Empire. Child of the Sun! RX Another time he used it was when Gungadin found what he thought was Ridoron. Acrobatter tried to defend "Ridoron" and Gatenzone used Storm Dagger to knock it down and then blast at it when it got up and ran. The Car of Light, Ridoron One time, both Gatenzone & Gedorian road it. Tomorrow in Tears, Tokyo's a Desert

Neo-Storm Dagger

Neo-Storm Dagger

In the first of Gatenzone's last three fights against RX, a part of Storm Dagger's motor was damaged by the Revolcane. Dasmader gave Gatenzone a Crisis Charger, which The Emperor made exclusively for his Robot guards. Gatezone attached it to Storm Dagger, which became Neo-Storm Dagger and was now four times stronger. The only difference was that it was now gold with red flames on the upper and lower front sides instead of all black. In Gatezone's penultimate fight, it was able to badly damage Acrobatter with help from Helgadem, forcing RX to retreat.


When Kotaro returned to the Quarry for what would be Gatenzone's final battle against him, Neo-Storm Dagger caused some damage to his suit. RX Became BioRider to avoid being blasted at by the main cannon, only for Helgadem to counterattack him. After becoming RoboRider and blasting Helgadem with his Vortech Shooter, Gatenzone charged at Roborider, but as he got closer, Kotaro jumped and blasted the Crisis Charger, causing Neo-Storm Dagger to run out of control. As it neared a cliff, Gatenzone jumped off of Neo-Storm Dagger, which exploded while falling off of the cliff and was completely destroyed upon impact with the ground. Helgadem and Gatenzone were soon destroyed afterwards. Defeated!! RX

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