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"The final moments of a man whom chased godhood... They were truly laughable, miserable and beautiful. The story will continue to be spun by yours truly. Such that we meet a beautiful conclusion."
―Storious revealing his true colors.[src]

"A story is only beautiful because it has an ending. A life is at its most beautiful when it meets death!"
―Storious' views on endings.[src]

"I shall decide this story's conclusion! "
―Storious new catchphrase[src]

"Is that... a new story?... Even so... the world... will... end... "
―Storious final words before his death[src]

Storious (ストリウス, Sutoriusu)[1] is one of the main antagonists of Kamen Rider Saber. He was the de-facto leader of the Megid who later became Kamen Rider Storious (仮面ライダーストリウス, Kamen Raidā Sutoriusu).



Storious smiling with his companions upon arriving in the Wonder World.

Two thousand years ago, Storious was a poet who wrote numerous stories and delighted with reading them to others. He explored with Victor, Legeiel, Zooous, and the first Master Logos to search for Wonder World in hopes of give humanity a better lives. After meeting a mysterious priestess, the five became the first humans to set foot in the Wonder World and bore witness to the Almighty Book. While reading the pages of the tome, Storious learned all of his poems had been written in the texts, meaning that what ideas he thought were on his own actually originated from the Wonder World.

The revelation drove Storious completely insane, realizing neither he nor humanity could create anything original. Storious began using the Almighty Book for his own diabolical purposes. After manipulating Legeiel and Zooous, the three attempted to steal the tome by each tearing the pages, embedding the pages onto themselves and become Megid. Over the last two thousand years, Megid has used the pages to create Alter Ride Books and build a vast army to fight the Sword of Logos. Storious sought to use the Almighty Book not to remake the world, but to end it completely, believing the world was meaningless since creativity does not exist.

Reemergence in Present Day

Fifteen years after the fateful battle between the Sword of Logos and the Megid, Storious had brought Kamen Rider Calibur to his group as they shared the common pursuit to awaken the Almighty Book. Storious created both the Ari and Kirigirisu Megid to entrap a portion of a city for the Megid's goals of rewriting reality. However, the two monsters were soon met by Kamen Rider Saber and Kamen Rider Blades, who arrived to stop them. As the swordsmen fought, Storious and the other Megid observed them from their base as the heroes triumphed over the two Megids and returning the city to normal.

After Kamen Rider Calibur expressed his goal in traveling to Avalon, Storious decided to help him reach that realm. Posing as a victim of a Megid attack, Storious was able to get close to Touma Kamiyama and sealed Kaenken Rekka. After returning to the Megid's hideout, Storious gave Calibur a large and blank Wonder Ride Book before the Dark Swordsman used the Alter Ride Books the Megid had and the power taken from Touma as an alternative method of opening a portal to Avalon.

Eventually, Storious and the other Megid put their plan into motion, with help from the now-unmasked Calibur. They created giant books at six points in the city that formed a ring and used them to create a portal connecting Earth to the Wonder World, summoning the book that contained the Almighty Book. While Calibur flew inside the portal, the three generals assumed their Megid forms to hold off the Kamen Riders from the Sword of Logos' Northern Base. However, they were unable to stop Saber from entering the portal after Calibur.

Ultimately, Kamen Rider Saber would thwart Calibur's attempt to obtain the Almighty Book. Zooous was frustrated that all the Megid's work had been undone, but Storious assured him that not everything was for naught as there were now numerous humans who were linked to Wonder World that could be used for creating Megid.

Turning Humans into Megid

Following their failure to obtain the Almighty Book, Storious and his fellow Megid generals hatched a new plan to turn humans that were connected to the Wonder World into Megid, now using blank Alter Ride Books to do so. Storious would then plan to finalize his fusion Megid project, resulting in the creation of Charybdis Megid. Even though the Megid was later defeated, Storious succeeded in carrying out this plan anyways using alternative means.

Storious meets the current Master Logos.

During a break-in at the Southern Base, Storious would come face to face with the modern incarnation of Master Logos. Although their interaction was unknown from that point on, Storious continued onto the forbidden book chamber to take what he sought. He ran into Touma Kamiyama and fought him outside with Legeiel. In battle, Touma reacts to the book Storious had stolen and becomes Saber Primitive Dragon, turning him completely feral. Since then, Primitive Dragon would appear whenever it wanted to and force Touma into transforming.

Storious would later help Legeiel in defeating Saber by enhancing his Alter Ride Book using a forbidden technique, which gives it a new page and allowed the Megid general to evolve into Legeiel Forbidden. However, he warned Legeiel that he wouldn't be able to return to normal after using the form. Upon witnessing Legeiel's destruction by Saber Elemental Primitive Dragon from afar, Storious declared Legeiel's story has already ended.

He would continue to meet with Master Logos in his throne room to discuss their next move. Storious noted that Sophia had returned to the Northern Base, though Master Logos was unconcerned and stated that she might even unknowingly help gather all of the Seiken and Wonder Ride Books needed to recreate the Almighty Book for them. Master Logos then declared that their next move would be to claim the Northern Base's power, with Storious informed that their enemy's base had a portion of the Almighty Book, not unlike the one currently in his possession.

Alliance with Master Logos

Once Master Logos disabled the Northern Base defenses, Storious led the Megid to raid the base with Zooous Predator. While the Northern Base swordsmen fended off the Shindai siblings and vanquished Zooous, Storious was able to get away with the objective of his attack, a special book that would allow him to create artificial humans. Returning to his hideout, Storious was later seen using the book to create a new human resembling Sophia.

Storious watched from afar as Master Logos assembled all the Wonder Ride Books and Seikens to recreate the Almighty Book. However, Touma managed to foil Master Logos' ritual, causing all the Seikens to be returned to their rightful owners. Master Logos was able to obtain a portion of the Almighty Book and transform into Kamen Rider Solomon, who prove to be a formidable adversary.

Having returned to the Southern Base, Master Logos discussed the Omni Force Wonder Ride book with Storious. The Megid general questioned him if the book he has in his hands was really the Almighty Book itself, to which Master Logos denied as it was still incomplete. Storious then offered his assistance in gathering the remaining Wonder Ride Books so the Almighty Book could be genuinely completed, to which Master Logos accepted.

Storious emerges with a new appearance, shortly after taking the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book from the fallen Isaac.

"Your story ends here."
―Storious betrays Isaac[src]

After witnessing the creation of Haouken Xross Saber and the arrival of Kamen Rider Xross Saber, Storious continued to assist on what he can with Master Logos. However, when Kamen Rider Solomon attempted to reach Wonder World and capture Luna, the swordsmen manage to overcome his omnipotent power and vanquish Solomon in battle. While Master Logos tries to grasp the remains of his powers, Storious declared his story to be over and disintergrates. Taking the repaired Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, Storious' appearance changed to sport green robes and began to launch his ultimate agenda.

True Plans Revealed

Storious began enacting his plan to destroy the world after collecting the Alter Ride Books from his fallen allies and the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book. He then dueled Desast and used the Charybdis Megid to further harm his creation. When Tassel went to retrieve Luna, Storious arrived to take his Almighty Book fragment and killing his former friend. Tassel's death resulted in Wonder World to destabilize and simultaneously affecting Earth. He faces with Touma Kamiyama and begins to refer him as his 'hero' for allowing him to witness several beautiful endings of his former allies.

Storious obtains the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book.

Though the swordsmen were able to stop the intrusion, Touma and the Shindai siblings confront Storious and all the people that the Charybdis Megid ate. Storious merges with Charybdis and the remnants of his five former allies, completing the Grimoire Alter Ride Book, while marvelling that the story conclusion is now his to make. Storious is able to transform into Kamen Rider Storious, ressurecting the Four Sages in the process as his loyal followers. Storious summoned a massive tower and instructed Touma that he would be waiting for him. He created a magical barrier all over the Earth and began building up a massive Shimi army for the final stage of his plan.

During the final battle, the ten swordsmen arrived and fought their way through his Shimi army. Storious was visited by spirits of Legeiel and Zooous, who questioned how they became monsters. Though Storious replied their hopes were twisted into a bottomless lust for power, then realized the spirits were conjured by Luna. Storious, knowing the true nature of the Almighty Book, believed the world's conclusion was inevitable and had already been written in the Almighty Book. Luna called Storious a pitiful man and proclaims how Touma was capable of creating new things that neither of them knew, prompting the irritated Storious to cast Luna away.

When Touma finally reached the top of the tower to confront Storious, he fired a blast to disorient him. Storious revealed to Touma that everything that had ever been created was predetermined in the Almighty Book, including all of the stories they both had written. While explaining his own past to Touma, how the Almighty Book had everything he had ever written, his words did not sway Touma into giving up. Storious fought Xross Saber in a heated battle. Despite Touma giving his all, Storious knocked him out of his transformation before kicking him down a large hole to his doom.

Final Battle and Death

While Storious rejoiced in his victory, Touma was lifted out of the hole by the Primitive Dragon. While Storious was able to continue fighting Saber, he was still powerful than his advesary. Luna reaches to the exhausted Touma and asks him to write a new story, resulting in the creation of Wonder Almighty. Touma transforms into Kamen Rider Almighty Saber and with the help of Blades and Espada, they defeat Storious. As the world began to disintegate, Storious realizes that something new has been created but laments that the world's destruction was imminent before he disintegrating into nothing. However, the destruction of the world would be undone once Touma became Wonder World's new Guardian and restored everything back to what it once was.


After Storious' plan was averted, all of his victims reappeared perfectly normal. Storious' spirit later appeared in the Wonder World alongside the spirits of Luna, Tassel, the first Master Logos and his former Megid allies, having made peace with his former friends, to greet Touma after he became the Wonder World's guardian. While his friends wished Touma good luck as the Wonder World's guardian, Storious remarked that the world was made of stories and that Touma was the hero he needed.


In the distant past, Storious appeared to have been a good-hearted individual who was friends with Tassel, then known as "Victor", having committed to searching for a better standard of living for humanity. After setting foot on the Wonder World, Storious lost his desire to help others upon witnessing the Almighty Book and learning that it was the source of not just the world itself, but all of human invention, and that everything humans created was a manifestation of what was in the Almighty Book. He became disillusioned with his own creativity and the authenticity of the world, coming to the conclusion that everything in human life had been predestined. Instead of striving for creating new art, he sought for the beauty in the dooming of all things.

Unlike Legeiel or Zooous, Storious was corrupted immediately upon experiencing this revelation, where as they only turned evil after witnessing the power of the Almighty Book. Storious began to express a much more outwardly cold and calculating personality after becoming a Megid. While still allied with Legeiel and Zooous, Storious no longer views them as his friends, but now as tools and pawns for him to use and then dispose of. At the same time, it is hinted that traces of Storious' old friendship with Victor still lingers, as he briefly showed sadness upon killing him, though it was ultimately not enough to stop the Megid general from going forward with his plans.

While all three of them are normally the same rank, it is typically Storious who concocts the strategies that the Megid follow, though occasionally Legeiel takes the lead instead. As he possesses an agenda that runs counter to the goals of his fellow Megid, Storious is a very secretive individual who always keeps his true intentions hidden from those around him. Compared to Legeiel and Zooous, Storious is much more of a long-term planner, often doing things that seem insignificant, but are really in service of a much more long-term goal. He prefers to reside in the shadows pulling the strings from afar, allowing others to take the lead for a time while he remains unsuspecting in the background, able to carry out his schemes without anyone noticing. Despite this, Storious is willing to take to the field when needed and proves himself as a skilled combatant whenever he faces off against the Riders. He also seems to possess much more knowledge than the other Megid does about the history of the Wonder Ride Books and other tomes connected to them, such as the forbidden book containing the Primitive Dragon being held in the Southern Base. Storious is also willing to form deals with certain individuals outside of the Megid, such as partnering up with the current Master Logos.

However, after getting the powers he wanted and finally moving forward with his true plan, Storious's insanity begins to show; his insanity manifests itself in a histrionic way, as it makes Storious more melodramatic and vain. This is exemplified by his fluctuating emotions as well as his bigoted ideology; he has a sadistic and dogmatic belief that stories are only wonderful because they have endings, and that things are at their most beautiful once they end. This, mixed with his "either with me or against me" disposition, emphasizes Storious's bigoted ideology. Storious has shown to be a manipulative trickster, as he feigned friendship as a foundation to form a morbid partnership with Legeiel, Zooous, Isaac, and Tassel, to set them up for their deaths. Not only was it a way for him to justify his ambitious and macabre desires due to Storious gaining their powers, in conjunction with allowing him to watch his pawns during their respective final moments, but it was also a grandiose and lurid way for the Megid poet to showcase his devilishly insane prowess.

Storious's attitude towards regular humans, who were what he used to be in the past, is not much different than his attitude towards his allies, as he views them as inferior to himself and does not care about them at all. He views the incident that happened more than a decade ago, and all the events that transpired out of it, as a story that he had set up, in which he ultimately seeks to end, but in his very own image. He is particularly obsessed with endings, viewing them as the sole meaning of a story or thing, and sees the "endings" concerning all of his so-called "friends", as beautiful on account of that. In spite of his appreciation for endings, Storious is not fond of happy endings, possibly due to his nihilistic view of the world; therefore, he desires to give the world a conclusion filled with such despair and hopelessness that would be remembered throughout all of history.

Storious also has his own catchphrase in which he uses towards the series' finale, which is a more soft-spoken version of Touma's: "I shall decide this story's conclusion!" (物語の結末は私が決めます!, Monogatari no ketsumatsu wa watashi ga kimemasu!)

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: To be added
  • Teleportation: To be added
  • Longevity: Due to becoming a Megid after taking a fraction of the Almighty Book's power, Storious was able to live for more than 2,000 years.
  • Illusion: To be added
  • Necromancy: After obtaining the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book, Storious has now the ability to resurrect a dead person and is able to control it due to his likings.
  • Size Manipulation: As seen in the Hyper Battle DVD, Storious can enlarge himself at the cost of his agility. However, if he is defeated, he will shrink to the size of an ant.


  • Expert Combatant: Storious is experienced in hand-to-hand combat, capable of taking down the Southern Base soldiers without using any of his Megid powers. [Chapter 23: Raging, Hand of Ruin.]
  • Expert Manipulator: To be added
  • Expert Tactician: To be added





  • Height: 214.1 cm
  • Weight: 131.8 kg


  • Alter Ride Books
  • Book: Storious carries a large black book.
  • Sword: Storious wields a two-pronged longsword with a bladed guard in combat.


  • Megid Creation: With an Alter Ride Book, Storious can create a story-themed Megid.
  • Transformation: Storious can transform from his human form into his Megid form at will.
  • Darkness Energy Bolts: Storious can generate and launch black and crimson darkness energy bolts from his hands
  • Siphoning: Storious can absorb power from a different source and store it within his black book.
  • Sealing: With his black book, Storious can seal the transformation power of a Seiken Swordriver.
  • Sight Nullification: Storious can project powerful lighting from his eyes to momentarily blind his opponents.
  • Form Duplication: Storious can replicate himself into separate bodies.
  • Energy Tendrils: Storious can generate a yellow energy tendril from each of his roots-style antlers.
  • Teleportation: Storious can instantaneously move from one place to another at will.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 6, 10, 12, 14-15, 19-20, 22-23, Kamen Rider Saber: Gather! Hero! The Out-of-Nowhere Dragon TVKun, 41

Giant Storious

Giant Storious


  • Height:
  • Weight:


  • Bilgamed (ビルガメード, Birugamēdo): Storious wields a two-pronged longsword with a bladed guard in combat.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Saber: Gather! Hero! The Out-of-Nowhere Dragon TVKun


Storious Grimoire

Storious Grimoire (With Wings)

"Open the grimoire! The end of the story! Kamen Rider Storious! Fuhahahahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[2]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 214.1 cm
  • Rider Weight: 144.9 kg

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 68.0 t
  • Kicking Power: 116.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 120.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.4 seconds

Grimoire (グリモワール, Gurimowāru) is Kamen Rider Storious' primary form accessed by inserting the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book into the Dooms Driver Buckle.

Kamen Rider Storious surpasses every Rider form that has appeared prior to his debut in every statistic, including all of Xross Saber's forms. Not only retaining all abilities from his former Megid form, Storious can summon a giant energy ball that is able to cause widespread damage across a city upon impact. The only form that can surpass Grimoire is Almighty Saber.

By opening the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book to its final page, Storious can use an ability named Open the Story of the End (オープン・ザ・ストーリー・オブ・ジ・エンド, Ōpun Za Sutorī Obu Ji Endo), which has two variations:

  • Storious summons the Four Sages under his command to his location, who then transform into the Lords of Wise.
  • Storious summons a giant stone sword from the sky and a large tower from the ground. This also speeds up the encroachment of the Wonder World.

Grimoire consists of the following parts:

  • Storious Head Grimoire (ストリウスヘッド グリモワール, Sutoriusu Heddo Gurimowāru): The helmet.
    • Demise Ornament (デマイズオーナメント, Demaizu Ōnamento): The crown-style manipulator. With the power of the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book, he can control everything, not just Story Megid, but also God Beast and Animal.
    • Grimoire Visor (グリモワールバイザー, Gurimowāru Baizā): The full visor mask. By directly acting as a visor in the table of contents of the omnipotent and omnipotent book, it is possible to reflect the truth of the world and capture it as visual information. In addition, all information can be browsed at any time.
    • Narrative Tree (ナラティブツリー, Naratibu Tsurī): The root-style antlers. As the source of knowledge, a story that is in line with the current situation is selected from a number of stories and used as the norm. In addition, the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book has been strengthened in the same way as the crimson armor "Grimoiscale" of the whole body, and the strength has been greatly increased.
  • Grimoire Robe (グリモワールローブ, Gurimowāru Rōbu): The bodysuit. It uses the Megid's strong vitality as a power source, allowing it to bring balance to knowledge and power to the user.
  • Storious Cuirass (ストリウスキュイラス, Sutoriusu Kyuirasu): The chest and shoulder armor. It plays the role of a construction circuit that spins the power of the Wonder Ride Book and Alter Ride Book contained in the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book, and can cause a powerful phenomenon through the armor. It is also possible to combine different folklore powers in a complex way to bring about a wide range of immeasurable events.
  • Obscure Cloak (オブスキュアマント, Obusukyua Manto): The cape. An unstable substance generated between two different worlds is woven in, and its characteristics can be used to parry the enemy's attack to another world and nullify it.
  • Ridominant Arm (ライドミナントアーム, Raidominanto Āmu): The arms. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The user can enhance one's physical ability with only a strong thought.
  • Phenomegaunt Noir (フェノメガント・ノワール, Fenomeganto Nowāru): The gauntlets and gloves. It has the role of controlling the numerous folklore powers accumulated in the crimson armor "Grimoiscale", and can be developed as phenomena such as the explosion of prison flames and the rupture of space.
  • Grimoiscale (グリモワスケイル, Gurimowasukeiru): The crimson armor placed on each part of the suit. It is possible to accumulate the power of many traditions contained in the Grimoire Wonder Ride Book. It does not have the unique characteristics to accommodate different forces, but it is strong enough to withstand combat.
  • Curtain Doyle (カーテンドイル, Kātendoiru): The outside of the curtain, which wraps around the left leg and has the attribute of darkness, absorbs all attacks into the jet-black darkness, and the inside with the attribute of light constantly activates the power of the user.
  • Ridominant Leg (ライドミナントレッグ, Raidominanto Reggu): The legs. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The user can behave far beyond his or her physical ability with only a strong thought.
  • Phenomegranda Noir (フェノメグランダ・ノワール, Fenomeguranda Nowāru): The boots. It has the role of controlling the numerous traditional forces accumulated in the crimson armor "Grimoiscale", and can demonstrate the ability to stay in the air by manipulating airflow and deploy ultra-high load areas.

This form has three finishers:

  • The Story of Despair (ザ・ストーリー・オブ・ディスペア, Za Sutorī Obu Disupea):
  • Ultimate Despair (アルティメット・ディスペア, Arutimetto Disupea):
  • The End of the World (ジ・エンド・オブ・ザ・ワールド, Ji Endo Obu Za Wārudo):
Appearances: Saber Episode 44, 46-47, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage




KRSa-Storious' Sword.png
  • Sword: Primary weapon.
  • Caladbolg: Secondary weapon after taking Omni Force Wonder Ride Book.





  • Tassel: Tassel/Victor was initially Storious' comrade, until the latter became a Megid. Storious would later kill Tassel as part of his plans, although the Megid was hesitant in doing so to his old friend.
  • Master Logos (original): The first Master Logos was initially Storious comrade, until the latter became a Megid.
  • Priestess: Storious used a book to create New Sophia based on her image, in order to complete his Grimoire Wonder Ride Book.

Megid Created

Behind the Scenes


  • Storious is portrayed by Robin Furuya (古屋 呂敏, Furuya Robin). As a Megid, his suit actor is Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma), who is also the suit actor for his Rider form.


  • Storious' name is a combination of the words "Stories" (ストーリーズ, Sutōrīzu), referencing his specialty being stories & fairy tales, and "Deus" (ウス, Deusu), the Latin word for "god" or "deity".
    • This can be in relation to the naming scheme of the Sword of Logos members, where their surnames would contain the kanji (or homophones of the kanji) for "God" (, Kami).


  • Unlike Zooous and Legeiel who had their memories and true selves repressed, Storious still remembers his past as a human. This, along with later flashbacks, implies that he manipulated his friends into becoming Megid and tampered with their memories.
  • Kamen Rider Storious is a recolor of Kamen Rider Solomon's suit with the exception of the helmet, which is modified from Storious's Megid form. He also gains additional robing akin to the Seiken Swordriver Riders.
  • Kamen Rider Storious' name is alternatively spelt as "Kamen Rider Strius" on the Eyecatch Wonder World text and Premium Bandai page for the Omni Force/Grimoire and Dooms Driver Buckle set.
  • Storious's transformation into his Kamen Rider form summons six wings around him before he transforms, a possible allusion to the Devil and the Number of the Beast. Not only that, but Storious' Megid form has a demonic appearance, and his Rider form resembles a fallen angel. His backstory depicted him being once a follower of a holy figure, until he betrayed his own original goal for his own selfishness and nihilism; he is also a manipulator who makes alliances with people, only to inevitably betray them once they are no longer useful. This makes Storious the closest to the fallen angel archetype of Satan in the entire show.




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