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Stories of the World's Greatest People

Stories of the World's Greatest People (世界偉人録 Sekai Ijinroku) is a book, given to him by his father, that Takeru Tenkuji reads. Its author and publisher are unknown. Inside of this book are biographies of historical and fictional/urban legend figures, such as those immortalized through the Ghost Eyecons. Sennin uses this book as a means of helping give Takeru clues as to which specific Eyecon to find.

Every page with a great person has a unique phrase:

TV series

  • The Number 1 Swordsman in the World: Musashi Miyamoto (世界一の剣豪 宮本武蔵 Sekai-ichi no Kengō: Miyamoto Musashi)
  • The Unyielding Invention King: Thomas Edison (不屈の発明王 トーマス・エジソン Fukutsu no Hatsumei-ō: Tōmasu Ejison)
  • The Just Thief of the Forest: Robin Hood (森の義賊 ロビン・フッド Mori no Gizoku: Robin Huddo)
  • The Revolutionist of the Sengoku Period: Oda Nobunaga (戦国の革命児 織田信長 Sengoku no Gakumei-ji: Oda Nobunaga)
  • Musician of Adversity: Ludwig van Beethoven (逆境の音楽家 ルートヴィヒ・ヴァン・ベートーベン Gyakkyō no Ongakuka: Rūtovihi van Bētōben)
  • The Fast-Shooting Gunman of the Wilderness: Billy the Kid (荒野の早撃ちガンマン ビリー・ザ・キッド Kōya no Hayauchi Ganman: Birī za Kiddo)
  • The Loyal Warrior Monk: Musashibō Benkei (忠義の荒法師 武蔵坊弁慶 Chūgi no Arahōshi: Musashibō Benkei)
  • Lucky Adventurer of the Bakumatsu Period: Sakamoto Ryoma (幕末の風雲児 坂本龍馬 Bakumatsu no Fūunji: Sakamoto Ryōma)
  • The Legendary Magician: Harry Houdini (伝説の奇術師 ハリー・フーディーニ Densetsu no Kijutsu-shi: Harī Hūdīni)
  • Queen of Yamataikoku: Himiko (邪馬台国の女王 卑弥呼 Yamataikoku no Joō: Himiko)

Movie ver.

  • Omnipotent Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci (万能の天才 レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ Banno no Tensai Reonarudo Da Vinci)

Televi-kun Magazine ver.[1]

  • The Father of Universal Gravitation: Newton (万有引力の父 ニュートン Banyūinryoku no Chichi: Nyūton)
  • The Great Thief of the Nation: Ishikawa Goemon (天下の大どろぼう 石川五右衛門 Tenka no Ō-dorobō: Ishikawa Goemon)
  • The King of the Golden Mask: Tutankhamun (黄金仮面の王 ツタンカーメン Ōgon Kamen no Ō: Tsutankāmen)
  • The Travelling Monk: Master Sanzo (旅する僧侶 三藏法師 Tabisuru Sōryo: Sanzō-hōshi)
  • The Dream Painters & Fairy Tale Writers: Brothers Grimm (夢を描く童話作家 グリム兄弟 Yumeokaku Dōwa Sakka: Gurimu Kyōdai)
  • God of the Triangle: Pythagoras (三角形の神様 ピタゴラス Sankakkei no Kamisama: Pitagorasu)
  • The Quick Wit Expert: Ikkyu (とんちの名人 一休 Tonchi no Meijin: Ikkyū)


Behind the scenes


Medal Holder-Ghost

Medal Holder.

The design of Stories of the World's Greatest People was adapted as a Buttobasoul Medal Holder.


  • Newton is the only Luminary that Ghost has that has both a surname and a given name that is listed by only his surname.
  • "Lucky Adventure" can also be translated into "soldier of fortune".
  • It is unknown that why the illustrations in this book always showed while the heroes' Parka Ghost first time coming out or the Eyecon Driver G calling them.



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