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The Stone of Sealing (封印の石板 Fūin no Sekiban), also known as the Monolith (モノリス Monorisu) or the Sealing Slab, was the prison that held in the Undead after the Human Undead's victory in the Battle Fight. It is addressed as the 'God of the Undead' as the Monolith itself is the creator of all of the Undead.

The Monolith is also referred to as the Master (統制者 Tōsei-sha) by the Joker Undead. It appears to be able to communicate with Undead in a way that only the Undead can understand.


During the first Battle Fight, the Monolith released the Undead and subsequently sealed them when they were defeated. During the present time, the stone was kept in Hiroshi Tennoji's possession in order to fulfill his nefarious plans, such as the creation of Kerberos. When Joker was declared as the winner of the second Battle Fight, the Monolith releases an innumerable amount of Darkroachi. The Darkroachi begin to carry out their objective of annihilating all life on the planet, until Kenzaki mutates himself into another Joker Undead. Because there is another active contestant in the Battle Fight, the original Joker is no longer considered the winner and the Darkroachi vanish as a result. The Battle Fight henceforth continues indefinitely.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Stone of Sealing 2019

The Monolith appears once again prepared to eliminate all life on Earth after Another Blade stole Kenzaki and Hajime's Joker Undead powers, becoming the sole Undead and victor of the Battle Fight. It was eventually destroyed after Another Blade was defeated by Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity's Trinity Time Break Burst Explosion kick because it's no longer able to sense Undead. 2019: Trinity Has Begun!

Appearances in Other Media

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis


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