This article is about a/an group of kaijin in Kamen Rider Black RX.

The Spirit World Inhumanoid Army (霊界怪人軍団 Reikai Kaijin Gundan, 45) are a group of spirit monsters.

When Kamen Rider Black RX was believed to be dead after the battle against Gran Zarius, Maribaron revived the spirits of Skullma, the lead Culculten, Zunojin, Antront, Gynakamakil & Ninpo, Metaheavy & Elgitron to kill the other 10 Kamen Riders. Because they're dead spirits, they're all a grayish-white in color. Gynaninpo's spirit impersonated Kamen Rider 1.

All of them were destroyed by Biorider.

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