This article is about a/an set of monsters in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Though one type of Spider monster appeared in the show, three human-like types appeared in the "13 Riders" special (though they made cameos in the show).


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Dispider (ディスパイダー Disupaidā, 1 & 2): The first of the Mirror Monsters Shinji encountered, a giant gold and white Spider-like monster that targeted women like Ida Megumi. Though destroyed by Knight's Hishou Zan, Dispider was not absorbed by Darkwing and was reformed into a drider version of itself named "Dispider Reborn" (ディスパイダー・リ・ボーン Disupaidā Ri Bōn), now attacking men as well. It was finally destroyed by Ryuki's Dragon Rider Kick and absorbed by Dragredder. In "13 Riders", a purple and brown-colored Dispider was the Mirror Man's final defense, devouring Gai before being destroyed by Knight Survive's Shippu Dan.



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Mispider (ミスパイダー Misupaidā, 43 & 44, 13 Riders): A Purseweb spider monster. It appeared among the Mirror Monsters that helped to protect Yui. A Mispider appeared in the "13 Riders" special, where it dragged Shinji into the Mirror World to eat until the first Kamen Rider Ryuki inferred. Despite receiving aid from Respider, the Mispider was destroyed by the previous Ryuki's Dragclaw Fire. Another appeared, attempting to eat a young girl, but it was killed by the Riders during the fight.



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Respider (レスパイダー Resupaidā, 43 & 44, 13 Riders): It is a Jorō Spider monster. It appeared among the Mirror Monsters that helped to protect Yui. A Respider appeared in the "13 Riders" special, where it came to Mispider's aid in fighting the previous Ryuki before he gave his Vent to Shinji. That Respider was destroyed by Ryuki's Dragsaber. Another appeared to aid another Mispider and a third Solospider, but both were killed by the Riders during each fight.



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Solospider (ソロスパイダー Sorosupaidā, 43 & 44, 13 Riders): A green-armored Tetragnatha praedonia monster. A Solospider appeared in the "13 Riders" special, where it fought Ryuki and Scissors until it was destroyed by Ryuki Survive's Meteorbullet. A second appeared to fight the Riders when they got near to the Mirror Man.


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