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Icon-amazons.pngThis article is about a monster in Kamen Rider Amazons.

The Spider Amazon 2 (クモアマゾン2, Kumo Amazon Ni) is an Amazon which attacked a girl in a recreational vehicle and later escaped into the forest.



It was a man who was driving an RV at night through a forest with an unknown female relation when his Amazon side awoke; she tried to escape, but the Bat Amazon 1 arrived and cornered her. The next day, the Nozama Peston Service Extermination Team arrives. It grabs Ryusuke Otaki in a web strand and drags him away; the Team follows, but are intercepted by the Bat Amazon. Fukuda drives the Team's van after the Spider Amazon and shoots it one-handed with a rifle, knocking it to the ground. It fights him, pinning and biting him before Takai fights it off. Its attack on Ryusuke had triggered him to awaken into the Dragonfly Amazon, which attack it before Jin Takayama arrives. He transforms into Amazon Alpha and attacks, easily knocking it to the ground and tearing its "heart" out, crushing it in his hand, and the Amazon melts into a pool of black sludge.

Powers & Abilities

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As a Rank B Amazon, it is presumably stronger than its Rank D predecessor, distinguished by its bright red claws in place of hands. It is shown to be very fast and agile, and it can produce web stands to ensnare opponents or victims.

Behind the Scenes


Spider Amazon 2 is portrayed by Masahiro Okazaki (オカザキ マサヒロ, Okazaki Masahiro). As an Amazon, he is portrayed by suit actor Takashi Tanimoto (谷本 峰, Tanimoto Takashi).


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