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The Spider Amazon 1 (クモアマゾン1 Kumo Amazon Ichi) is an Amazon which lived in a hotel and hunted the tourists.



It had taken up residence in a small hotel building, trapping and eating a number of the tenants before the Extermination Team arrived. They drew it outside and into a warehouse where it was defeated by Mamoru as the Mole Amazon, ripping its heart out through its back. AMAZONZ

Powers & Abilities

02. Spider Amazon1

In combat, it spits strong threads to suppress the enemy's actions and kill it with its sharp fangs. In predation, it injects digestive juices into the captured prey, and impregnates the threads with the melted nutrients to take them through its mouth.

Behind the Scenes


Spider Amazon 1 is voiced by Hikari Kubota (久保田 ひかり Kubota Hikari) and portrayed by suit actor Takashi Tanimoto (谷本 峰 Tanimoto Takashi).


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