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The Metropolitan Police Department's Special Circumstances and Incidents Investigation Division (警視庁 特殊状況下事件捜査課 Keishichō Tokushu Jōkyōka Jiken Sōsaka), often shortened to the Special Investigation Unit (特状課 Tokujōka) is a quirky short-staffed squad of police officers, with two of them actually outsourced help, established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to stop the Roidmudes and investigate bizarre occurrences possibly caused by them. 

They are based in the Kuruma Driver's License Center.

Members that are not a part of the Drive Pit crew are aware of the Shift Cars' existence, but dismissing them as Shinnosuke's "toy cars". In episode 22 however, when the deceased victims of the Roidmudes turned into zombies and attacked the Unit's base, Jun had accidentally threw Shift Wild to one of them, killing it in the process. The Shift Cars were then mistaken as "sacred items" by Jun and Kyu. However, they do learn the truth, and are aware of what the Shift Cars actually are. As of episode 37 they are officially recognized as a detective agency but they can't move their own base due to the Drive Pit being stationed underneath the Driving School. The group eventually disbands after all 108 Roidmuides have been killed.

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In the world where Shocker finally achieve world domination through Kamen Rider 3, members of Special Investigation Unit, as well as known police forces were placed under command by Shocker.


In 2017, two years following the demise of Tenjuro Banno, the Special Investigation Unit was reassembled in order to deal with the return of Koya Nishihori. This new Special Investigation Unit was joined by Akira Hayase, Shinnosuke's former partner, as well as Koichi Kano, the traffic police officer whose appearance was copied by Chase. Kamen Rider Drive: ~Mach Saga~


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  • The slogan for the team appears to be 'as speedy as we can', as indicated on the Unit's logo.


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