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Magic Land Speaking Door

Haruto and Kosuke face the Speaking Door.

A Speaking Door (喋る扉 Shaberu Tobira) was located in the palace of Emperor Maya in Magic Land, appearing as an old mosaic painting of a woman. It served as the entrance to a chamber containing the Thanatos Vessel, only letting those who correctly answered the question "Who is the most beautiful in the world?" enter. Haruto Soma and Kosuke Nitoh met the Speaking Door having sneaked into the castle. The two were stuck on the answer to her question until Haruto told the Speaking Door that she was the most beautiful, and flirtatiously stroked the image's chin. While not the correct answer, the charming remark wooed the Speaking Door and let Haruto and Kosuke through. Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land

Behind the scenes


The Speaking Door was voiced by Ayano Fukuda (福田 彩乃 Fukuda Ayano).

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