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The Sparkling Body (スパークリングボディ Supākuringu Bodi) is a set of Halfbodies of Kamen Rider Build. Accessed through the RabbitTank Sparkling, both sides will appear together.

Like his Rabbit Halfbody and Tank Halfbody, Build is armed with the Rabbit Foot Shoes (ラビットフットシューズ Rabitto Futto Shūzu) on his left leg for increased jumping, and the Tank Roller Shoes (タンクローラーシューズ Tanku Rōrā Shūzu) on his right leg for kicking attacks, which can also act as a working tread to roll along on a flat foot.



Pursuing Gentoku Himuro from the Touto government office, Build assumed RabbitTank Sparkling and easily outmatched Night Rogue before defeating him with the Sparkling Finish, proceeding to retrieve the Pandora Box while Gentoku made his escape. The Devil's Trigger


Vortex Finish

Build's RabbitTank Sparkling Form finisher is called the Sparkling Finish (スパークリングフィニッシュ Supākuringu Finisshu): This finisher has three variations:

  • Build delivers a powerful, bubbly kick attack at the enemy.
  • Build leaps high into the air before creating a red and blue, spiraling, hourglass-shaped vortex resembling a wormhole. He then dives down through the wormhole, and kicks. The wormhole is also capable of sucking in and disintegrating opponents' attacks.
  • Build delivers a powerful, bubbly kick attack at the enemy from behind in close range.

  • Sparkling Finish/Vortex Break (スパークリングフィニッシュ/ボルテックブレイク Supākuringu Finisshu/Borutekku Bureiku): After plugging a Fullbottle into the Full Bottle Slot of the Drill Crusher, Build, in his RabbitTank Sparkling Form, can perform a powerful, bubbly finisher.
    • Blade: Build channels the energy of a Full Bottle in his Drill Crusher and performs a powerful slash.
      • Kabutomushi: The Drill Spiral Blade cloaks itself in an energy projection resembling a rhinoceros beetle's horn and performs a powerful, bubbly stab attack.

  • Sparkling Finish/Scrap Break (スパークリングフィニッシュ/スクラップブレイク Supākuringu Finisshu/Sukurappu Bureiku):

Legend Rider



Zi-O DecadeArmor Build Form

Zi-O Episode 15

When the Build Ridewatch is inserted into the Decade Ridewatch, Kamen Rider Zi-O can channel the power of the RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle, combining the DecadeArmor and Sparkling Body to become Kamen Rider Zi-O DecadeArmor Build Form.

Time Break

  • B-B-B-Build Final Attack Time Break (ビ・ビ・ビ・ビルドファイナルアタックタイムブレイク Bi-Bi-Bi-Birudo Fainaru Atakku Taimu Bureiku): Zi-O performs a variation of Build's Sparkling Finish in which a small, red and blue, hourglass-shaped vortex appears before kicking the enemy.


  • The name "Sparkling Body" comes from the SO-DO Kamen Rider Build toyline, as well as other Halfbodies' name.
  • The Snap ride builder (when collapsed) resembles his insignia.


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