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Groundain and Skydain.

The Space Ironmen Kyodain (宇宙鉄人キョーダイン Uchū Tetsujin Kyōdain) siblings from space who plan on protecting the Earth.



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Groundain (グランダイン Gurandain) is the blue car-like older brother of the Kyodain. To begin his act of treason against humanity, he rushes to complete the military satellite weapon: the XVII. He is armed with a powerful cannon built into his chest called the Grounbuster X (グランバスターX Guranbasutā Ekkusu). Groundain is an homage to GrounzelIcon-crosswikifrom Space Ironmen Kyodain.


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Skydain (スカイダイン Sukaidain) is the red jet-like younger sister of the Kyodain. Like her brother, she gains her own personality and wants to rebel against humanity. She is armed with built-in blades in her arms. Skydain is an homage to SkyzelIcon-crosswiki from Space Ironmen Kyodain.

Behind the scenes

The Kyodain siblings are an homage to the original KyodainIcon-crosswiki brothers from the Space Ironmen KyodainIcon-crosswiki series, also created by Shotaro Ishinomori.



  • In the original series, Skyzel is the older brother and Grounzel is the younger brother.

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For information on the 1976 versions of the characters see Space Ironmen Kyodain in Wikipedia.

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