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Space Break System

Space Break System

The Space Break System (時空破断システム Jikū Hadan Shisutemu) is a doomsday energy weapon built by the Badan Empire. Using a special isotope called Badancium 84, it can warp the fabric of space and anything in proximity of the warp is converted into energy and vaporized.

While trying to destroy the Kamen Riders, the Space Break System accidentally vaporised several Badan monsters (Kamisori Hitode of Destron, Centipede Beastman of Geddon, Gameleojin of Neo-Shocker, Chameleking from Dogma Kingdom and Jigoku-Roid).

The weapon was destroyed by the 10 Kamen Riders using the Rider Synchro to break the space warp and ZX using his ZX Kick to defeat Ambassador Darkness and destroy the control system implanted in his arm.



  • The Space Break system is similar to Dr. Fassbender's "Doomsday Machine" aka "Operation: Looking Glass" from The Pink Panther Strikes Again, as both are beam weapon devices that use the manipulation of space-time to disintegrate its intended target.


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