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Sougo Tokiwa and the Mysterious Phone (トキワ壮ゴと謎電話 Tokiwa Sōgo to Nazo denwa) is the fifth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan. It was released on TTFC accompanying the fifth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O as its "episode 5.5".[1]


Recapping the latest episode, Geiz wonders who was the one emerging from Another Fourze. Sougo appears and reminds Geiz that all Another Riders have their names written somewhere on their body, so Geiz recalls that the monster's name is Faiz. However, Geiz doesn't know any original Rider with that name, Sougo suggests him call Tsukuyomi on the upstairs to ask her, using his high-tech phone. As Tsukuyomi complains about Geiz calling her even when they are in the same house, Sougo praises the convenience of the phone.

Then, using a DRTV-like format, Geiz and Tsukuyomi advertise the FaizPhone as a must-buy for time travellers, as it can call even across time. Tsukuyomi demostrates its ability to transform between a watch, a phone and a handgun, reminding Sougo of their encounter in the first episode.

Sougo then realizes that "Faiz" in "FaizPhone" is similar to Another "Faiz", but Geiz and Tsukuyomi consider it a mere coincidence, like how Sougo's name is similar to Tokiwa-sō, the apartment where Shotaro Ishinomori lived and started his manga career.



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  • Geiz's statement about not knowing anything about Faiz is ironic, as he is the primary user of FaizArmor.

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