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"I am you. But you are not me."
―Mirror Sougo introduces himself to Sougo[src]

Sougo Tokiwa (常磐ソウゴ Tokiwa Sōgo) is a resident of Mirror World who can transform into Kamen Rider Zi-O (Mirror World version) (仮面ライダージオウ(ミラーワールドバージョン) Kamen Raidā Jiō Mirā Wārudo Bājon)[1].


When Another Ryuga decided to return to the Mirror World, Zi-O grabbed him and got sent to Mirror World as well. Sougo woke up inside of Mirror World and met his Mirror World Counterpart. The Mirror World Sougo then proceeded to attack the original Sougo out of refusal to join forces with him. Both Sougos then transformed into Kamen Rider Zi-O and battled each other. Mirror World 2019

Mirror Zi-O defeats Zi-O, and the latter is thrown out of the Mirror World.

At Sougo's home, Mirror Sougo constantly berates him and mocks him due to his "hypocrisy", as despite knowing Geiz's suicide attempt to defeat Another Ryuga, Sougo still lets him proceed. Upon hearing that his real counterpart really wants to save Geiz, Mirror Sougo tempts him to use the Zi-O II Ridewatch and embrace his nature and power as the tyrant Ohma Zi-O, all the while attempting to break his spirit by telling him that he is truly evil at heart.

After a brief talk with Shinji Kido, the real Sougo goes to meet his Mirror self one more time, holding the Zi-O II Ridewatch in his hand. Mirror Sougo thinks that his real counterpart has finally accepted and embraced his "true evil" nature and power, and is on the path to become the tyrant and merciless Demon King. However, Sougo still remains steadfast with his goal to be the kindest, most beloved King ever. He admits that he has a good side as well as a bad side, but also adds that one should, and must accept that fact because if they keep denying it, they can never move on. This prompts Mirror Sougo to step out of the Mirror World and asks whether Sougo is afraid of Oma's Day or not. Sougo responds by saying, while he is in fact afraid of the event, he is willing to have faith in his future self and make a bet. Mirror Sougo takes out the remaining part of the then-incomplete Zi-O II Ridewatch and gives it to his real counterpart. He says a true king is someone who has the power of both light and darkness, of both the past and the future. As the Ridewatch becomes complete, Mirror Sougo also merges with Sougo.Zi-O Strongest! 2019


Unlike his counterpart, the Mirror World version of Sougo has a twisted personality and is much more arrogant, eerily similar to Sougo's own future self. Mirror Sougo completely understands how much power he has and is not hesitant to go all out, something that he berates his counterpart for. He is also very cynical, as he constantly mocks Sougo and calls him a hypocrite. In the end, Sougo accepted his dark side and assimilated with Mirror Sougo, fulfilling the requirement for the completion of the Zi-O Ridewatch II.

Power & Abilities

As he is the Mirror World's reflection of the real Sougo, this Sougo possesses the same abilities as his counterpart. The difference being this Sougo is more ruthless and does not hold back in battle like his real world counterpart. This allows him to soundly defeat the his real world counterpart the first time they meet.


Mirror Sougo most likely possesses the same weaknesses as his prime self, though his personality implies that he has more mitigation of his weaknesses.


Kamen Rider Zi-O (Mirror World version)


"Rider Time! (Distorted electronic beat) Kamen Rider Zi-O!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 200.0 cm[2]
  • Rider Weight: 92.0 kg[2]

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 8.2 t[2]
  • Kicking Power: 19.0 t[2]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30.2 m[2]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5.0 sec[2]

Sougo transforms into Kamen Rider Zi-O (Mirror World version) (仮面ライダージオウ(ミラーワールドバージョン) Kamen Raidā Jiō Mirā Wārudo Bājon) by inserting the Zi-O Ridewatch (Mirror World version) into the D '9 Slot on the Ziku-Driver (Mirror World version). His base form's visor reads mirrored "Rider" (ライダー Raidā), while the logo on his forehead reads mirrored "Kamen" (カメン) in katakana. Zi-O's personal weapon in his base form is the Zikan Girade (Mirror World version).

Zi-O consists of the following parts:

  • Caliber A (キャリバーA Kyaribā A) - Zi-O's helmet. 'A' stands for Analog.
    • Clock Blade A (クロックブレードA Kurokku Burēdo A) - The clock hands on the Caliber A. It is a data collection device. The long hand, Baryon Hand M (Barion Hando M バリオンハンドM) predicts temporal information, such as enemy timing, while the short hand, Meson Hand H (メソンハンドH Meson Hando H) measures spatial information, such as the distance between Zi-O and the enemy as well as landing points of finishers.
    • Ow Signal (オウシグナル Ou Shigunaru) - The circular section where the two Clock Blades meet. It feeds gathered information to Zi-O, derive optimum solution to problems, and adjust internal systems of Zi-O.
    • Indication Eye (インジケーションアイ Injikēshon Ai) - The visor which spells out "Rider". Sensors with a 270° viewing angle is built into the compound eye.
    • Kamen Dial (カメンダイアル Kamen Daiaru, lit. 'Mask Dial') - Zi-O's faceplate. It invokes an analog clock face, and is made using a multilayer structure composed of the special metal alloy Graphenium (グラフェニウム Gurafeniumu). The Kamen Dial is described by the TV Asahi website to have a beautiful white lustre finish.
    • Crash Bezel (クラッシュベゼル Kurasshu Bezeru) - The metal frame surrounding the face. It is composed of Graphenium.
    • Core Ryūzu (コアリューズ Koa Ryūzu, lit. 'Core Crown') - The 'button' on Zi-O's right cheek. It is an information management unit that stores combat data.
  • Oval Light Tecter (オーバルライトテクター Ōbaru Raito Tekutā) - Zi-O's shoulder and chest armor. A metal coating called Graphenium Coat (グラフェニウムコート Gurafeniumu Kōto) has been applied, raising durability. As a result, the Oval Light Tecter is not only lightweight, but is also 200 times stronger than steel.
  • Mid Band Liner M (ミッドバンドライナーM Middo Bando Rainā M) - The silver band that runs vertically across Zi-O's torso, it connects the Ziku Driver to the head, converting energy made by the Driver into bioenergy.
  • Time Rush Arm (タイムラッシュアーム Taimu Rasshu Āmu) - Zi-O's arms. Nanoscopic "Nanotube Muscle" (ナノチューブ筋 Nanochūbu-kin) tubing covers it, increasing strength.
  • Flex Arm Girder (フレックスアームガーダー Furekkusu Āmu Gādā) - Zi-O's forearm armor. It is composed of the shock-absorbant material Amsein (アムセイン Amusein), allowing it to absorb and disperse physical attacks with ease.
  • Zi-O Leap Hand (ジオウリープハンド Jio Rīpu Hando) - Zi-O's hand units. It is covered with the purple metal Graphenium Bite (グラフェニウムバイト Gurafeniumu Baito) units, raising destructive power of punches.
  • Adjustrike Suit (アジャストライクスーツ Ajasutoraiku Sūtsu) - Zi-O's bodysuit. It automatically repairs minor damage.
  • Time Rush Leg (タイムラッシュレッグ Taimu Rasshu Reggu) - Zi-O's legs. Nanoscopic "Nanotube Muscle" (ナノチューブ筋 Nanochūbu-kin) tubing covers it, increasing strength.
  • Counter Pad (カウンターパド Kauntā Pado) - Zi-O's kneepads. It reads combat data on the field and sends it to the helmet.
  • Flex Leg Girder (フレックスレッグガーダー Furekkusu Reggu Gādā) - Zi-O's shin protecters. It is composed of the shock-absorbant material Amsein, allowing it to absorb and disperse physical attacks with ease.
  • Zi-O Leap Shoes (ジオウリープシューズ Jio Rīpu Shūzu) - Zi-O's shoes. The tip is covered with the Graphenium Bite (グラフェニウムバイト Gurafeniumu Baito) units, increasing destructive power of kicks. Additionally, The katakana for the word "Kick" (キック) in engraved on the soles.

This Form Finisher is Time Break (タイムブレイク Taimu Bureiku): A series of magenta-colored, mirrored "Kick" (キック Kikku) characters appear and circle the enemy. Mirror Zi-O then jumps high as the reversed "Kick" characters merge into one and imprint on Mirror Zi-O's left foot as Mirror Zi-O performs a flying kick into the the enemy.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 21-22




  • Zikan Girade - Zi-O's personal weapon and Zi-O II's secondary weapon


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Sougo Tokiwa:

Behind the Scenes


As with his prime counterpart, this Sougo Tokiwa is also portrayed by So Okuno (奥野 壮 Okuno Sō). As Kamen Rider Zi-O, his suit actor is Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji).


Sougo Tokiwa's name is play on Tokiwa-sō, the place where Shotaro Ishinomori lived and started his manga career during 1956 to 1961. "Tokiwa" also carries the word (とき Toki), which can be translated into time when it is written in kanji "時".

"Zi" in Zi-O's name could mean either time ( Ji) or character ( Ji), representing his "watch" and "Katakana" motifs while the "O" means king ( Ō). It may also be Goroawase for the number 20 (2 - Ji, 0 - Ō), referencing that Zi-O is the 20th Heisei Rider.


  • As he is from the Mirror World, every non-symmetrical visual aspect in regard to him is flipped horizontally. This is in contrast to Dark Shinji as the normal Kamen Rider Ryuga due to the fact that Ryuga's Dragvisor is on the same side as Ryuki's and both Shinji and Dark Shinji hold their Advent Decks with the same hand when transforming.



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