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The Souchaku Henshin Series (装着変身シリーズ Sōchaku Henshin Shirīzu, lit. "Armour Transformation Series") is an action figure toyline series released by Bandai from 2000 to 2008 and was part of Bandai's Chogokin toyline. It was well-known for its gimmick of attaching Rider armor pieces made of die-cast metal onto a base body, mimicking the Kamen Riders' transformation sequences in the TV series. It was later retired to make way for the S.H. Figuarts toyline, which is often seen as the successor to this toyline.


The toyline for the Kamen Rider Series began in 2000 with the first season of the Heisei Era, Kamen Rider Kuuga. It continued on in 2001 when Kamen Rider Agito was on television. After Agito's run, Bandai began producing Souchaku Henshin figures for the Showa Era Riders as well.

When Kamen Rider Ryuki came on television in 2002, due to the concept of Riders being paired up with Mirror Monsters, a different toyline known as Rider & Monster (R&M) was introduced. Rather than the die-cast metal used in Souchaku Henshin, these figures were made of plastic instead. It also did not feature the gimmick present in the SH toyline. The SH toyline was also not produced during Kamen Rider 555's run.

In 2004, however, the SH toyline came back with the release of SH figures for Kamen Riders Faiz and Kaixa. Along with SH figures from the then current series, Blade, SH figures for the Riders from the previous two seasons were produced as well. The series also expanded to feature characters from the Metal Heroes and Garo franchises.

From 2000 to 2006, the Souchaku Henshin line had base figures with human heads modeled after the Riders' human identities themselves. However in 2007, as Kamen Rider Den-O introduced the concept of armor pieces snapping onto a Rider's base suit as part of a form change, the SH figures from that season onward would no longer feature human heads.

In 2008, while SH figures for Kamen Rider Kiva were being produced, a new toyline known as S.H. Figuarts was introduced. It featured show-accurate detailing of Kamen Rider figures, starting with its first KR figure, that of the rebooted version of Kamen Rider 1. It later began to expand into other franchises such as Super Sentai and various anime franchises. It was possibly due to the introduction of this new toyline that the Souchaku Henshin series was retired after Kiva's run.

Beginning with Kamen Rider Decade, every show had an action figure toyline which shared similarities to the articulation in Souchaku Henshin, particularly the articulated hands, but with gimmicks specific to the shows. Things such as Arms Change and Level UP Rider Series share Souchaku Henshin's use of removable armor. However, die-cast metal was no longer used for the production of these figures.

List of Kamen Rider Figures

Code Type
GD Series
GD-22 Kamen Rider Kuuga 1 (Mighty Form & Growing Form)
GD-23 Kamen Rider Kuuga 2 (Dragon Form)
GD-24 Kamen Rider Kuuga 3 (Pegasus Form)
GD-25 Kamen Rider Kuuga 4 (Titan Form)
GD-27 Kamen Rider Kuuga 5 (Rising Form Set)
GD-29 Kamen Rider Kuuga 6 (Ultimate Form)
GD-30 Souchaku Henshin 1: Kamen Rider Agito 3 Form Set
GD-31 Souchaku Henshin 2: Kamen Rider G3
GD-32 Souchaku Henshin 3: Kamen Rider Gills
GD-33 Kamen Rider Kuuga (Mighty Form)
GD-34 Kamen Rider Old No. 1 (Old Ichigo)
GD-35 Kamen Rider New No. 2 (Shin Nigo)
GD-36 Kamen Rider V3
GD-37 Kamen Rider Amazon
GD-38 Kamen Rider Stronger
GD-39 Souchaku Henshin 4: Kamen Rider G3-X
GD-40 Souchaku Henshin 5: Kamen Rider Agito Shining Form (includes Burning Form)
GD-46 Kamen Rider Sakurajima No. 1 (Sakurajima Ichigo)
GD-47 Kamen Rider Stronger (Charge Up)
GD-48 Shocker Rider (Yellow, White, Pink, Violet, Blue, & Green)
GD-50 Kamen Rider G4
GD-51 Kamen Rider Exceed Gills
GD-52 Kamen Rider G3 Mild
GD-55 (Toy's Dream Project) Kamen Rider Old No. 2 (Old Nigo)
GD-56 (Toy's Dream Project) Kamen Rider New No. 1 (Shin Ichigo)
GD-61 Kamen Rider Faiz
GD-62 Kamen Rider Kaixa
GD-63 Kamen Rider Ryuki
GD-64 Kamen Rider Scissors
GD-65 Kamen Rider Blade
GD-66 Kamen Rider Garren
GD-68 Kamen Rider Chalice
GD-69 Kamen Rider Leangle
GD-70 Kamen Rider Knight
GD-71 Kamen Rider Raia
GD-72 Kamen Rider Delta
GD-73 Kamen Rider Psyga
GD-77 Kamen Rider Ouja
GD-78 Kamen Rider Gai
GD-79 Kamen Rider Hibiki
GD-80 Kamen Rider Zolda
GD-81 Kamen Rider Imperer
GD-82 Kamen Rider Odin
GD-83 Kamen Rider Verde
GD-84 Kamen Rider Ibuki
GD-85 Kamen Rider Todoroki
GD-86 Kamen Rider Blade King Form
GD-87 Kamen Rider Glaive
GD-88 Kamen Rider Hibiki Kurenai
GD-89 Space Sheriff Gavan
GD-90 Kamen Rider Zanki
GD-91 Kamen Rider Tiger
GD-92 Alternative
GD-92-0 (Hyper Hobby Exclusive) Alternative Zero
GD-92-0 Alternative Zero Special Pack
GD-93 Kamen Rider Armed Hibiki
GD-94 Kamen Rider Femme & Kamen Rider Ryuga
GD-95 Space Sheriff Sharivan
GD-96 Space Sheriff Shaider
GE Series
GE-04 Kamen Rider Kabuto
GE-05 Garo
GE-06 Kamen Rider TheBee
GE-07 Kamen Rider 1/Ichigo (Kamen Rider The First)
GE-08 Kamen Rider 2/Nigo (Kamen Rider The First)
GE-11 Kamen Rider Drake
GE-12 Kamen Rider Sasword
GE-13 Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form
GE-14 Kamen Rider Orga
GE-15 Kamen Rider Gatack
GE-16 Kamen Rider Black
GE-17 Kamen Rider Kabuto (Hyper Form)
GE-18 Kamen Rider Black RX
GE-19 Shadow Moon
GE-20 Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form
GE-21 Kamen Rider Den-O (Sword Form)
GE-22 Kamen Rider Den-O (Axe Form)
GE-23 Kamen Rider Den-O (Gun Form)
GE-24 Kamen Rider Den-O (Rod Form)
GE-25 Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive
GE-26 Kamen Rider Knight Survive
GE-27 Kamen Rider Zeronos (Altair Form • Vega Form)
GE-28 Kamen Rider Den-O (Plat Form) & Momotaros Imagin
GE-29 (YAHOO! Japan Exclusive) Kamen Rider Den-O (Wing Form)
GE-30 Kamen Rider Den-O (Liner Form)
GE-31 (Toys R' Us Exclusive) Kamen Rider Den-O 5 Form Set
GE-32 Kamen Rider Zeronos (Zero form)
GE-33 Kamen Rider Kiva (Kiva Form)
GE-37 Kamen Rider Kiva (Garulu Form)
GE-38 Kamen Rider Kiva (Basshaa Form)
GE-39 Kamen Rider Kiva (Dogga Form)
GE-40 (B★SHOP Exclusive) Kamen Rider Den-O (Climax Form)
GE-41 Kamen Rider Rey & Kamen Rider Arc
EX Series
-- (Bandai Asia Exclusive) Kamen Rider Kuuga Amazing Mighty Form
-- Kamen Rider Agito Action 3 Kaijin Set (-, -, & -)
-- (Bandai Asia Exclusive) Kamen Rider Agito Shining Form (Limited Gold Edition)
EX Mirror Monsters 01 (Metalgelas, Evildiver, & Gigazelle)
EX Mirror Monsters 02 (Psyco-Rogue & Destwilder)
EX Mirror Monsters 03 (Darkwing, Biogreeza, & Goldphoenix)
EX Mirror Monsters 04 (Dragreder, Volcancer, & Magnugiga)
EX Mirror Monsters 05 (Dragblacker, Blancwing, & Venosnaker)
EX Battle Hopper & Acrobatter
EX Momotaros Imagin (No Contract Ver.)



  • GD-26 was not a Souchaku Henshin toy, it was a Chogokin Gundam toy of the Mass-Production Zaku mecha making it one of the first in the line to skip a number.
  • The Bandai Japan edition of GD-29 comes with an additional figure of Go-Gadoru-Ba along with the Ultimate Dragon Rod, Ultimate Pegasus Bowgun and the Ultimate Titan Sword. These were omitted in the Bandai Asia release.


  • Though unofficially, it is possible to have Kiva's DoGaBaki Form by having Kiva's Kiva, Garulu, Basshaa, and Dogga Forms.

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