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Soreo Hiden (飛電 其雄 Hiden Soreo) was a Parent-Type HumaGear created to raise the orphaned Aruto Hiden.


The original Soreo Hiden died when Aruto was young, therefore Hiden Intelligence developed a HumaGear resembling Soreo to take his place as an emotional support for Aruto.

On the day of the Daybreak Town Accident, while playing with his son and making jokes, a strange explosion occurred at the Hiden Intelligence building, damaging Soreo beyond repair. Before his death, he assured his son to continue pursuing his dream and jump towards it.

Behind the Scenes


Soreo Hiden is portrayed by Koji Yamamoto (山本 耕史 Yamamoto Kōji).


  • Despite it being mentioned in I Want to Hear Your Voice that Article 6 of A.I. Law forbids the creation of an android bearing a person's likeness, especially the likeness of a deceased person, the HumaGear version of Soreo was able to be manufactured to serve as Aruto's surrogate parent. It's possible either Hiden Intelligence could've negotiated a deal with the government in order to manufacture him, or the law was put in place some time following the Daybreak Town Accident.



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