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Sora Iwamoto (岩本 ソラ Iwamoto Sora) is the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Neironzu, also featuring Shido and Shishido, who was the host of the Level 20 Motors Bugster.

Character History

While auditioning to preform the theme song for Genm Corp.'s next game, Sora was injured by falling stage equipment, sending her to Seito University Hospital where Hiiro Kagami operated on her. As she was in recovery, and already frustrated with the lack of recent success, her two bandmates started arguing, accidentally triggering all three of their stress and causing Motors Level 20 to manifest from inside her alongside Kaiden and Gatton Level 40 from her bandmates. Motors was beat down by Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level XX and ShiShi RedIcon-crosswiki, and Sora was able to tell Emu and Asuna about the dream the band shares to play at Seito Stadium, likely the Bugsters' target.

However, Ren Amagasaki, Genm Corp.'s new CEO, visited her and delivered the news that her band wasn't selected, stressing her to let Motors break out again, escaping and joining Gatton and Kaiden in attacking the stadium. However, he was intercepted by Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 and defeated alongside the other Bugsters. The bandmates then apologized for their earlier behavior. Unfortunately, the excess activity had ruptured her sutures from the operation, and she had to be taken back to the hospital and treated again. Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions!

Behind the scenes


Sora Iwamoto is portrayed by Miku Ōno (大野 未来 Ōno Miku).