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Sonorabuma (ソノラブーマ Sonorabūma) is a cicada-type Mirror Monster that appears in Kamen Rider Ryuki.


Kamen Rider Ryuki


Sonorabuma drew by the Kanzaki brother and sister.

It targeted Reiko and Shimada when they were taking part in marriage interviews, abducting them. While fighting Shieldboarder, Ryuki heard its hissing, recognizing it from earlier, and followed it to Reiko and Shimada (who it surprisingly had made no attempt to eat, merely leaving them laying asleep). It was kicked by Ryuki through a mirror and killed by Zolda's Gigalauncher and Knight's Hishou Zan. Marriage Interview Battle

A second Sonorabuma appeared in a group of other Monsters, where it wields some form of sword, only to be destroyed with the others by Knight's Hishou Zan. Targeted Yui

Yet another Sonorabuma appeared in the crowd of Mirror Monsters that closed in on Yui when she tried stranding herself in the Mirror World, quickly being sent after each other by Shiro, it facing a Wiskraken and GuldMirage. The Hero Fights Glassy Happiness

Super Hero Taisen Z


Sonorabuma in Super Hero Taisen Z.

It is revived in Super Hero Taisen Z as a member of Space Shocker. It is seen fighting DekaRed.




  • Height: 2m 30cm
  • Weight: 150kg

Sonorabuma use its pointed mouth to pierce humans and sucked body fluid as a food. Has an ability to climb on walls. During combat, it emits a distinctive chittering hiss sound and is good at tactics where it destroys enemy movements using sharp claws on both arms.

Behind the scenes

Suit Actor

Sonorabuma's suit actor is Fumiya Touei (藤榮 史哉 Tōei Fumiya).



Sonorabuma's concept design.

Sonorabuma was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


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