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Sonomura (曽野村) is the leader of the Beat Rider Team Red Hot. He was originally meant to become an Armored Rider until Oren Pierre Alfonzo, who had been watching a new Inves Game Armored Rider battle for many days confiscated the Sengoku Driver and Durian Lockseed from him and considered him unworthy to use that device, due to having a weak fighting skill records.


Lost Driver

E6 3

Sonomura got the last Sengoku Driver and Durian Lockseed.

After ending his team's alliance with Team Baron, Sonomura bought the last Sengoku Driver from Sid with the Durian Lockseed included. However, before he could use it, Sonomura loses the belt to Oren while celebrating with his posse at Charmant - the owner of the place saw Sonomura as unfit to have the Sengoku Driver and took it from him before he had the chance to fight back. Durian Rider, Go to War!


Sonomura later reappears, using Inves summoned by jailbroken Lockseeds to steal money and jewelry. When Mai Takatsukasa from Team Gaim confronted him about it, he used his Elementary Inves to attack but it was defeated by Kaito Kumon and Zack's own, making him and his team retreat. Later, Kouta Kazuraba confronts him but Sonomura uses a jailbroken Mango Lockseed to summon a Lion Inves to fight him. He soon loses control when the Class A Lockseed malfunctions, and the Lion Inves gains sentience. When the Inves started to attack Sonomura and his friends, Kouta as Gaim stepped in to block the attack, allowing them to run away. The New Arms! Jimber Lemon is Born!


The whereabouts of Sonomura and Team Red Hot after the previous events is unknown, so it's unclear if they were present during or after the full-scale Inves invasion in Zawame City. The Strongest Power! Kiwami Arms

Golden Fruits Cup

Sonomura in Golden Fruits Cup

Alternate reality Sonomura in Golden Fruits Cup.

During the events of Golden Fruits Cup, Sonomura appeared in this alternate reality, talking to a friend about the soccer match between Team Gaim and Team Baron, while Lapis watches. This version of Sonomura does not appear to be involved with the All Rider Cup. Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!

Behind the scenes


Sonomura is portrayed by Takashi Kitadai (北代 高士 Kitadai Takashi).


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