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"Sonic Arrow!"
―Summoning announcement via Kiwami Lockseed[src]

"Lock On!"
―Lockseed insertion announcement[src]

"(Energy Lockseed)!"
―Standard finisher announcement[src]

"(Lockseed) Charge!"
―Finisher announcement w/ non-Energy Lockseeds[src]

"Soda! (Energy Lockseed) Squash/Sparking!"
―Finisher announcement via Genesis Driver[src]

The Genesis Bow Sonic Arrow (創世弓 ソニックアロー Sōseikyū Sonikku Arō), more commonly referred to as the Sonic Arrow, is a bladed bow-like side weapon used primarily by any Kamen Rider who transforms using a fruit-based Class-S Energy Lockseed. Non fruit-based Class-S Energy Lockseeds provide an Arms Weapon instead.

A variation of the Sonic Arrow named the Saver Arrow (セイヴァーアロー Seivā Arō) is granted by the Genesis Core Unit Kamen Rider Saver used. It functions the same as a Sonic Arrow as shown in the DX Toyline and accepts Energy Lockseeds into its Energy Drive Bay (エナジードライブベイ Enajī Doraibu Bei).


The Sonic Arrow is composed of the following parts:

  • Arch Grip (アーチグリップ Āchi Gurippu) - The grip.
  • Nocking Drawer (ノッキングドローワー Nokkingu Dorōwā) - The 'nock'/black handle. By pulling it, energy is supplied to the rest of the Sonic Arrow; when released, a safety device is released as well, letting an energy arrow fly.
  • Sonic String (ソニックストリング Sonikku Sutoringu) - The 'string'. It is a power assisting device that helps the Nocking Drawer. It also has a built-in shock absorber that absorbs any recoil when shooting.
  • Charge Signal (チャージシグナル Chāji Shigunaru) - A blue indication lamp located behind to the Energy Drive Bay (facing the user). It indicates the user as to when the Sonic Arrow is fully charged.
  • Energy Drive Bay (エナジードライブベイ Enajī Doraibu Bei) - A slot where Energy (or regular) Lockseeds can be attached. Any Lockseed attached will supply power to the Sonic Arrow for finishing moves.
  • Aiming Scope (エイミングスコープ Eimingu Sukōpu) - A red laser pointer mounted next to the Energy Drive Bay (facing outwards). As the laser will point straight ahead to the expected impact destination, the accuracy of shots will not falter even in the dark or when attempting to shoot a target far away.
  • Arc Rims (アークリム Āku Rimu) - The blue bladed sections. They are extremely sharp and can be used as regular blades in combat.
  • Arrow Rest (アローレスト Arō Resuto) - The blue 'arrow tip'. It is a launching device that shoots out energy arrows.


The bow is a modernized bow with blades on the front of the bow, allowing its users to use it as a melee weapon. It features a laser point tracer to aid the user in landing important shots. Depending on the Energy Lockseed the user is equipped with, the Sonic Arrow can serve different purposes, serving a wide range of utility.

Their Internal Finishers through the Genesis Driver and their Sonic Volley also vary.



Like the Musou Saber, by inserting an Energy Lockseed into the Energy Drive Bay (エナジードライブベイ Enajī Doraibu Bei) and locking it in place, the user can perform either a Sonic Volley (ソニックボレー Sonikku Borē) finishing attack or an unnamed Rider Slash finishing attack. The Sonic Arrow's damage output can be further enhanced by placing a non-Energy Lockseed into its Energy Drive Bay.

  • Melon Energy (メロンエナジー Meron Enajī): Has five variations.

  • A powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target can pierce through their body and slice it into multiple pieces before exploding.
  • A colorful energy slash from the blades on the bow.

    • Shoots a volley of arrow shots.
    • Shoots a volley of arrow shots, then turns to multiple arrows.
    • A Melon-shaped energy slash from the blades on the bow.

  • Lemon Energy (レモンエナジー Remon Enajī): Has four variations.

  • A powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target forms a lemon slice for a brief second before exploding.
    • Alternatively, if shot without fully siphoning the energy from the Lemon Energy Lockseed, it is simply a powerful arrow shot that shows a lemon before piercing through the target.

  • A powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target traps them in a Lemon-shaped sphere before they are assaulted by single arrows being fired in a row.
  • Baron's second Sonic Volley is much like the combination of Duke's Lemon Energy Squash finisher and his own shooting version Sonic Volley: First, his Sonic Arrow extends, then he shoots a powerful arrow shot that shows a lemon before piercing through the target.

  • Cherry Energy (チェリーエナジー Cherī Enajī): A powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target pierces into their body, causing twin cherries to swing around and crush the target in between them until they explode upon collision.

  • Peach Energy (ピーチエナジー Pīchi Enajī): Has three variations.
    • A powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target traps them in a peach-shaped sphere before they are assaulted by multiple arrows being fired in a row.
    • A pink-colored powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target forms a pink sphere for a brief second before exploding.
    • Marika shooting an arrow blast to the sky, then fires back multiple arrows and destroying enemies.

  • Dragon Energy (ドラゴンエナジー Doragon Enajī): A powerful Asian Dragon energy arrow shot that when it hits a target, crashing them with the Dragon's mouth.

New Generation Rider Baron is the only Sonic Arrow user who had used Fruits Charge function. In episode 33, Baron stabs the Sonic Arrow into the ground, which then shoots a holographic banana at the target that explodes and traps it in more banana projections.

  • Orange/Jimber Lemon Squash: Gaim floats into the air and spins around. Afterwards, he uses the Sonic Arrow, powered by the Orange Lockseed, to create an alternating row of lemon slices and orange slices, which appear in a line in front of the target. Gaim, powered by the Lemon Energy Lockseed, then initiates a more powerful version of Gaim's Burai Kick (無頼キック Burai Kikku) by leaping through the line of slices and passing through each one before he hits the target.
  • Orange/Jimber Lemon Au Lait: Gaim fuels all the energy from the Orange Lockseed and Lemon Energy Lockseed into his body, which is then converted into his Sonic Arrow before he executes a spinning lemon projectile slash on the target.

  • Sonic Volley: Gaim pulls the Sonic Arrow back to its fullest width. All the energy then pools into the arrowhead of the Sonic Arrow, making an alternating row of orange slices and lemon slices appear to form a line in front of the target. Once the charge is done, he lets go, sending a bolt of great power, fueled by the power of both the Orange Lockseed and Lemon Energy Lockseed to pass through the line of slices, slamming into the target. Alternatively, if the target is within a close-quarters radius, the alternating row of slices will not appear.

  • Slashing Version: The user fuels all the energy from the Energy Lockseed into their body, which is then converted into their Sonic Arrow before they slash the target. Baron's Lemon Energy has two variations; one is a 360 degree circle slash for multiple targets, while the other is a straight slash for a single target. Zangetsu Shin's Melon Energy Squash also has Long range version and Close range versions.
    • Lemon Energy Squash
    • Peach Energy Squash
    • Melon Energy Squash
    • Cherry Energy Squash
    • Dragon Fruits Energy Squash
  • Shooting Version: The user fuels all the energy from the Energy Lockseed into their body, which is then converted into their Sonic Arrow before they shoot the target. Duke's Lemon Energy Squash is a unique one; creating multiple illusions of himself that surround the target before he executes his Sonic Arrow's standard Lemon Energy-like finishing attack. The Sonic Arrow also extends when he executes the shooting.


  • The Sonic Arrow's way of acting as a dual weapon is similar to Chalice's Chalice Arrow.
    • Both weapons also have a slot to insert a device into in order to increase their attack power (Energy Lockseed in Sonic Arrow, Chalice Rouzer in Chalice Arrow).
  • The Sonic Arrow has the most users compared to other Arms Weapons, with a total of six different suits and seven different characters.
    • This is due to the fact that Energy Lockseeds grant the user with so much power that it sacrifices the ability to summon a normal Arms Weapon. The only exception to this is the nut-themed Energy Lockseeds like Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed, which instead equips the user with an upgraded version of the Kagematsu, and the Marron Energy Lockseed which instead equips the user with the Marron Bombers, either when being used to create a Jimber Arms form or used the full equipped Genesis Driver itself.
  • Unique to all Riders who wield the Sonic Arrow, Baron wields his in a reverse grip, with the Lockseed Bay slot below his hand rather than above it.

Kiwami Arms shoots out a Melon-shaped blast.

  • Although Gaim is never seen transformed into Jimber Melon Arms on-screen, when he summoned the Sonic Arrow in Kiwami Arms, the effect of the blast has Maskmelon-shaped energy.
  • Unlike Energy Lockseeds being incompatible with the Sengoku Driver on their own, normal Lockseeds can be used in this weapon. This was demonstrated with both the Banana Lockseed The King's Power and the Queen's Resurrection and the Orange Lockseed Clash! The Over Lord King.


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