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Sold9 (ソルド9 Sorudo Nain)[1] is a military Humagear who transforms into the Dire Wolf Sold Magia (ダイアウルフソルドマギア Daia Urufu Sorudo Magia).[2]


Sold9 is one of many Sold Humagears created by ZAIA under Lyon Arkland, based on Sold0, Jin, meant to serve as weaponry to be sold around the globe, connected to all other Solds through the Massbrain System and incapable of ever reaching Singularity, thus staying as an emotionless and thoughtless tool forever.

Transforming into the Dire Wolf Solid Magia, he fights MetsubouJinrai.net twice, before he's saved by Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai. Afterwards, he escapes from the fight in a confused state.


While connected to the Massbrain System, he acts robotic and is only limited to following orders. He is incapable of developing his own personality like normal Humagears.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chain Connector: He has chains connected to each of his arms that are attached to Progrise Keys. This allows him direct access to the Massbrain System's mainframe and keeps him connected to it.
  • Skilled Marksmanship: He is capable of firing a gun on expert levels. It is unknown whenever this is a Sold Humagear default, or a result of the Massbrain System.


  • Massbrain System Dependency: The Massbrain System is designed to prevent Humagears connected to it from reaching Singularity. If the connection is somehow forcibly servered, for example through the removal of the chain connector on his arms, it will leave him in a confused state, unable to receive further orders.

Dire Wolf Sold Magia

Dire Wolf Sold Magia

Dire Wolf Sold Magia

"Dire Wolf!"
―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height:
  • Weight:

Sold9 transforms into the Dire Wolf Sold Magia (ダイアウルフソルドマギア Daia Urufu Sorudo Magia) using the Dire Wolf Zetsumerisekey.

Appearances: Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai



  • Zetsumerisekeys
    • Dire Wolf Zetsumerisekey: Main transformation device
    • Massbrain Zetsumerisekey: Support system that keeps him from ever reaching Singularity and, through its connection, makes him take action alongside the other Humagears connected to it.


  • Gun: Used as a sidearm in his Humagear form.

Behind the Scenes



To be added


  • The Dire Wolf Sold Magia's suit is a repaint of the Dynamiting Lion Raider but with the Fighting Jackal Raider's head, docked with a new part that covers the inner mask.



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