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Solarsect was a sword-wielding humanoid mutant dressed in a green and yellow helmet, silver armor, and a black cape. Besides wielding a sword in battle and move through anything reflective, Solarsect has the ability was to harness the sun's rays and use them as a weapon. The Stewart family was on their way to visit Grandma and planned to travel by plane. Since Dex was going to be on a plane, it meant that he wouldn't be able to protect the city from Solarsect without revealing his identity. Eventually, Dex was able to engage in battle with Solarsect while Ferbus flew the plane. As Solarsect gets Dex trapped in his grip, Dex called Combat Chopper who managed to save Dex. When Dex is knocked off of Combat Chopper by one of Solarsect's attacks, Dex ends up surrounded by mirrors which Solarsect attacks from. Dex then uses his Electro Saber to destroy Solarsect. Fits the theme of Nefaria's monsters.


Solarsect's ability to travel through reflective surfaces would be fully utilized in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

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