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"I don't know who you are, but you have a nice face, boy. The way you wear your hat is proof you are a full man. I am Kamen Rider Skull. Let's meet again, somewhere in the world."
―A Sokichi Narumi from another world meets Shotaro.[src]

This Kamen Rider Skull (仮面ライダースカル Kamen Raidā Sukaru) is a version of Sokichi Narumi (鳴海 荘吉 Narumi Sōkichi) from another world.


His card mysteriously ended up in Tsukasa's possession but sealed, It was used (without Decade's powers) after the battle with Super Shocker by automatically unsealing itself and summoning the A.R Skull to Shotaro.

He met the prime reality Shotaro Hidari, Philip and Akiko Narumi after Tsukasa Kadoya (Kamen Rider Decade) handed Shotaro a Kamen Ride card with Skull's image on it. This Sokichi Narumi came through a dimensional wall, praising Shotaro as well as (indirectly) giving him closure before returning to his world. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010




Rider Cards

Behind the scenes


As with the original, this version of Sokichi Narumi is portrayed by singer-songwriter Koji Kikkawa (吉川 晃司 Kikkawa Kōji), who also portrays him briefly in-suit. Surprisingly, he is the first Rider actor ever since Hiroshi Fujioka to portray their character in their Rider Suit, though not regularly.


  • It is possible that this Sokichi is from an A.R. World where only Skull exists and not Double or Joker, which may explain the existence of the Skull Rider Card and why this Sokichi does not recognize Shotaro.
    • It is also possible that said world may be the very A.R. World counterpart to Kamen Rider W itself.
  • Interesting to note is that this Skull's civilian name wasn't confirmed in the movie; he was only named by Philip as a "Sokichi Narumi from another world".