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For the original Kamen Rider Kabuto, see Soji Tendo.

Sohji (ソウジ, Sōji) is a resident Kamen Rider in World of Kabuto. He is Tendo's alternative incarnation from Kamen Rider Decade.


Kamen Rider Decade

World of Kabuto

He is a young man who had been given the Kabuto Zecter by the ZECT corporation to be one of its agents in destroying the Worm menace that had befallen his world. However, an encounter with the Phylloxera Worm who mimicked Sohji completely, caused the Zecter's Clock Up system to malfunction, trapping Sohji in warp speed.

Prior to the start of the Kabuto World arc, Sohji encountered the Phylloxera Worm which mimicked his form before he took one of its eyes out with his sister Mayu the sole witness before the malfunction occurred. This led to Sohji's Worm mimic to become Soh Otogiri, the user of the TheBee Zecter, and led Mayu to hold a grudge against Kabuto, believing that he murdered her brother Sohji. However, in spite of being unable to be with her, Sohji does everything in his power to protect Mayu while supporting ZECT in exterminating Worms.

However, once deemed a menace by ZECT higher ups, Kabuto is pursued by the group under Otogiri as he commissions the development of a Clock Down System before tricking Mayu to come with her. Eventually, the truth behind Kabuto is revealed as the Clock Down System takes effect when he attempts to save Mayu, who has been revealed to be the Native Sisyra Worm, from Otogiri. After Tsukasa Kadoya arrives to his aid, the two Riders defeat the Phylloxera Worm while destroying the tower broadcasting the Clock Down waves. Sohji slowly disappears back into traveling at the speed of light as Mayu sees him for one last time. Warning: Kabuto Running Amok The Grandma Way of Taste

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

Kabuto with Super-1, who tells Skyrider to be careful in his search for Decade

Kamen Rider Kabuto appears in the initial scene of Decade's story in Movie War 2010, with differing interpretations as to whom he is[1][2]. He searches for Decade alongside Skyrider and Kamen Rider Super-1, with Skyrider immediately being defeated by a surprise attack. Kabuto and Decade use Clock Up, but Decade combines that ability with invisibility, taking him out with another surprise attack. Kabuto's horn breaks and the only thing left behind is the horn and Kabuto`s Kamen Ride card, the latter picked up by Decade to complete his mission.

Later, with Tsukasa's sacrifice, the Nine A.R. worlds are resurrected, alongside their inhabitants. Sohji is shown to have been revived as well, no longer stuck in Rider form. Grateful towards Tsukasa, Sohji assists Natsumi and the others in reviving him, their memories bringing him back to existence.

With the threat of Super Shocker still looming, Sohji as Kabuto arrives alongside the other Riders to fight alongside Tsukasa, his Clock Up system shown repaired. Throughout the battle, Sohji assumes Kabuto Hyper form with the help of Decade's K-Touch and later into his Zector Kabuto form with the All Rider Final Form Ride Card to fight the Super Crisis Fortress.


Compared to his original counterpart Soji Tendo, Sohji is more friendly and humble in general, showing little signs of arrogance towards others. Despite having been forced to live alone at near lightspeed for several untold years as Kabuto, he remained adamant in protecting his sister and humanity against any threats, showcasing his incredible willpower.

Interestingly though, Mayu found Tsukasa and Sohji as similar to one another, hinting that Sohij does have an arrogant side, which was not shown during his interaction with Tsukasa's group. Alternatively, Sohji may have simply outgrown this trait during his imprisonment, considering how his perception of time in warp speed was several times that of a normal human.


Like his original counterpart, Sohji is an immensely formidable fighter, easily defeating Soh as TheBee, as well as Kaito as Diend, the latter using a copy of Ixa and Psyga simultaneously for their abilities to track Riders in Clock Up mode. Even when using his Maximum Hyper Cyclone attack against Doras, Sohji only used one hand to execute the attack, as opposed to Tendo who uses both hands to withstand the backlash.


Just like the original Kabuto, Sohji's arsenal revolves around the use of the Kabuto Zecter to transform into Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Masked Form

Masked Form

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 190 cm[3]
  • Weight: 132 kg[3]
  • Punching Power: 8 t[3]
  • Kicking Power: 10 t[3]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 20 m[3]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/8.9 s[3]

Sohji only used Kabuto's Masked Form (マスクドフォーム, Masukudo Fōmu) when he transformed with Tsukasa Kadoya to fight Phylloxera Worm. Once affixed to the Henshin Belt, Sohji assumes his armored Masked Form, but this armor can be taken off to become the sleeker Rider Form. Unlike in the series, the Zecter didn't announce the usual CHANGE BEETLE when Kabuto casts off, although it still retained the CAST OFF exclamation.

Rider Form

Rider Form

"Cast Off!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 195 cm[3]
  • Weight: 95 kg[3]
  • Punching Power: 3 t[3]
  • Kicking Power: 7 t[3]
    • Rider Kick Finisher: 19 t[3]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 37 m[3]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/5.8 s[3]

In most of his appearances in Kamen Rider Decade, Sohji used Kabuto's Rider Form (ライダーフォーム, Raidā Fōmu). In Rider Form, Kabuto has access to the Clock Up System, which allows the user to travel at near light speeds to match the Worm's speedy metabolism. To destroy Worms, Kabuto has the Kabuto Kunaigun, a versatile weapon that can be used as a gun, an axe, or a kunai, all of which allow him to perform the Rider Beat, or his roundhouse Rider Kick.

Hyper Form

Hyper Form

"Hyper Cast Off! Change Hyper Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 198 cm[4]
  • Weight: 102 kg[4]
  • Punching Power: 10 t[4]
  • Kicking Power: 15 t[4]
    • Rider Kick Finisher Power: 30 t[4]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 50 m[4]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/4.2 s[4]

Sohji only used Hyper Form (ハイパーフォーム, Haipā Fōmu), an even stronger version of Rider Form, with help from Kamen Rider Decade's K-Touch in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010. He was armed with Perfect Zecter.

This form is exclusive to W & Decade: Movie War 2010.

Zecter Kabuto

"Final Form Ride: K-K-Kabuto!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kamen Rider Decade's Final FormRide allows Kabuto to change into Zecter Kabuto (ゼクターカブト, Zekutā Kabuto), a giant version of the Kabuto Zecter that flies and can be ridden by Decade. It is able to burrow underground.[5]




Behind the scenes


Sohji is portrayed by Daijiro Kawaoka (川岡 大次郎, Kawaoka Daijirō). As Kamen Rider Kabuto, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳, Watanabe Jun).


  • Although Sohji's name is similar to Soji Tendou, his name is written differently with Sohji written in katakana and Soji written in kanji.
  • Sohji's surname was never revealed by Toei. Toei only credits him as 'Sohji'.
  • It is unknown exactly when Sohji's Clock Up system was repaired, but it can be inferred that Tsukasa's sacrifice in ''Movie War 2010'' had played a part, since reality itself changed from it.



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