This article is about a/an Imagin in Kamen Rider Den-O.

The female Snail Imagin (スネールイマジン Sunēru Imajin) was asadistic Imagin who wielded a whip and babies her opponents. Under Kai's orders, the female Snail Imagin uses the teacher of Yuto Sakurai to go back into Yuto's past and take out the Yuto of that time, thus negating Yuto from the present timeline. Ryotaro Nogami refuses to accept this loss and assumes Liner Form to battle the female Snail Imagin, weakening her with the DenKamen Sword's other modes before finishing her off with MomoSword mode. In spite of her death, she succeeds in ridding her master of Sakurai by eliminating Yuto as it seemed.

Snail Imagin's Ticket

Female Snail Imagin's Ticket

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