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KR SnackAmigo 1

Snack Amigo in the original series

Snack Amigo (スナックアミーゴ Sunakku Amīgo) is a small café where Hongo and other members of Tachibana's racing club gathered in the early episodes.

KR SnackAmigoInterior 1

Inside Snack Amigo

Its employees include Hiromi and the bartender Shiro, who occasionally assist Hongo in countering Shocker's plans.

Notable Characters

Let's Go Kamen Riders

OOO SnackAmigoCloseUp Den-O

Snack Amigo Sign

OOO SnackAmigo Den-O

Snack Amigo in Let's Go Kamen Riders

In the movie Let's Go Kamen Riders, it was located on the same area as Cous Coussier and remained there until 2011 where it was left in a ruins-like state as Chiyoko Shiraishi never got to open Cous Coussier in that altered timeline.

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