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Skydain (スカイダイン Sukaidain) was the red jet-like younger sister of the Kyodain. Like her brother, she gains her own personality and wants to rebel against humanity. As Kyodain's human identity, Shizuka Shiroyama (白山 静 Shiroyama Shizuka) is Saeba's personal secretary.


Skydain, Groundain, and Black Knight were created by Professor Blink; but the Kyodain went rogue and attacked the professor. The professor proceeded to seal their power in the satellite they were in, forcing the Kyodain to assume weak human forms.

Under the guise of the clumsy assistant to Harumi Saeba (her brother's guise), Shizuka Shiroyama of OSTO Legacy, Skydain plotted with her brother to use the Kamen Rider Club to regain their powers and take over XVII. When their plan succeeded, the Kyodain began their genocide attack with XVII but Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmicstates managed to foil the plot with his warp drive ability.

Enraged, the Kyodain fought him and Kamen Rider Meteor. While at first having the advantage, Fourze gained the Fusion Switch and after a long battle destroyed them with the States' Limit Break.

Super Hero Taisen Z

Skydain (Super Hero Taisen Z)

Skydain revived as a member of Space Shocker.

The Kyodain are later revived as members of Space Shocker. However, due to their sense of honor and desire to fight GavanIcon-crosswiki, the two are destroyed by Space Ikadevil for acting against their cause. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z


Skydain body


  • Height: 228 cm
  • Weight: 209 kg

Skydain is armed with built-in blades in her arms. She is quicker and more agile than her brother.



Grouncar-Skyjet Combination

The combination of Grouncar and Skyjet

Skydain is also able to transform into a jet-like form called the Skyjet (スカイジェット Sukaijetto). In this form, she can combined with Groundain.

Behind the scenes


Shizuka Shiroyama/Skydain is portrayed/voiced by Ayumi Kinoshita (木下 あゆ美 Kinoshita Ayumi), who previously portrayed Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Deka YellowIcon-crosswiki in Tokusou Sentai DekarangerIcon-crosswiki.



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