This article is about a/an group of Insectovores in Saban's Masked Rider.

The Skull Reapers are three Grim Reaper-based monsters. The leader had two long horns coming out from its hood.


In Count Dregon's latest attempt to steal the Masked Rider powers, Doubleface stumbled upon an idea to use a tractor beam to bring Dex Stewart up to the Spiderbase. To help out, Count Dregon has Nefaria have the Skull Reapers "escort" Dex into the tractor beam. When Ferbus is left behind at the motocross park, Dex heads there to save him only to be ambushed by the Skull Reapers. This tactic works as Dex ends up a prisoner of Count Dregon. Upon learning of Dex's capture, Magno and Combat Chopper emit some energy to overload the Spiderbase enough for Dex to escape. Count Dregon orders his minions to send the Skull Reapers down to help recapture Dex. As the Skull Reapers show up on their motorcycles, Dex transforms and fights them on board Combat Chopper. After knocking the Skull Reapers off their motorcycles, Dex is bound by the lead Skull Reaper's attack. Magno discovers that the Skull Reapers can't stand water and tells this to Dex. Dex manages to trick them into following him into the pond which resulted in their disintegration.The Green-Eyed Monster

Two Skull Reapers helped Heliotoid fight Dex until they were knocked down by Magno. Fits the theme of Nefaria's monsters.The Heat Is On

Powers and abilities

The lead Skull Reaper could also blast an electric forcefield from his scythe to bind Dex in battle.

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