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"Singularity Points" (特異点 Tokuiten, gravitational singularity) are humans with the ability to exist independently of time itself, and be unaffected by changes in their own past.


This ability also allows them to suppress an Imagin's will when it takes over their body and is not tempted by the free wish an Imagin can grant. Because of this, the Imagin contracted to Singularity Points are usually unable to take a physical form in the present time, and directly possess their Singularity Point, instead. They usually reside within time itself and when they are not possessing their Singularity Point, they stay on any of the Time Trains, such as the DenLiner or the ZeroLiner. The Singularity Points also have the ability to become Kamen Riders, and the Imagin that possess them lend their abilities in combat when called upon. In other instances, the Imagin use their Singularity Point's body as they wish when the Singularity Point loses consciousness. As long as the Singularity Point is conscious, he can expel the Imagin from his body and send it back to the Train of Time that he uses as a Kamen Rider.

List of Known Singularity Points

Natural Born

Temporary (through DenLiner)

Others with Similar Abilities

While the term was only used strictly within the confines of Kamen Rider Den-O canonicity, several characters throughout the franchise have similar powers that protect them from temporal changes in the timeline.


  • Rento Makina, Rentaro Kagura, and Over Quartzer Zero-One - immune to timeline alterations due to Sougo's dreaming abilities
  • Mondo Douan - retained his memories and remained immune to temporal erasure by both Another Quiz and the Quiz Miridewatch for unknown reasons
  • Michal Minato - implied only, as he still remembers Eiji Hino's words even though OOO's timeline was altered.
  • Black Woz - unknown reasons, though most likely due to his involvement with Quartzer, a time-traveling group.


  • It is implied that almost all main Kamen Riders aren't Singularity Points, meaning they can easily be defeated through alterations in the timeline that would erase their existence entirely, or change their personality. (EX: Becoming allied with evil factions. In cases of existence erasure, they were never allowed to be born or never got a chance to obtain their powers and were presumably killed.)
    • The only seemingly notable exceptions to this is if a Rider is accompanied by a Singularity Point when the temporal distortion event occurs or if the Rider's gear has properties that can protect them from space-time anomalies (Ex. the Shift Cars).
    • This theory was proven to be true in Kamen Rider Zi-O, as the Time Jackers created the Another Riders that would erase the Kamen Riders from existence starting from the point where the Another Rider was created.
      • Kouta Kazuraba is the only exception, due to his status as a god. However even he is not completely immune, as shown in Zi-O.
  • It is questionable whenever or not someone who has been erased from existence can come back if Singularity Points remember that person.
  • As confirmed in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, these types of Kamen Riders will not lose their powers or memories should an Another Rider of themselves be created, although this exception will be taken away from individuals who stop being Singularity Points, such as Eiji Hino when he returned to his own timeline and lost both his powers and memories when Another OOO was created.
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