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Not to be confused with the temporal outliers, Singularity Point

In the World of Zero-One, Humagears are able to achieve a type of artificial consciousness called Singularity (シンギュラリティー Shingyuraritī), which they can be considered near-sentient and autonomous. According to Azu, the moment in which a Humagear becomes aware of their sentience is called a Singularity Point.


The concept of sentience in robots is defined as "able to question its own existence and derive from their initial programming". This stage is considered a danger to humanity by ZAIA Enterprise Japan, who believe that they will overtake humanity to the point of no return.

Humagears who reach Singularity become vulnerable targets into becoming Magia.

Achieving Singularity is also illegal, as they become operative beyond human design, though some individuals like Aruto Hiden support the right for Humagears to reach Singularity as long as they don't do harm to humanity.

Known Humagears who have reached Singularity


  • Robot sentience is a concept heavily explored in science fiction.
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