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Shuuya was a young man who was infected by the Lysogenic Cells, turning him into the Rose Amazon (バラアマゾン Bara Amazon).

Character History

He lives with his girlfriend Emiri who feeds him with people's heads. When she was injured by the soldiers of 4C, he became furious and brutally killed everybody in his way by cutting off their head. In the last moment of his girlfriend, Shuuya claimed that she was the one who he wanted to eat most. His girlfriend willingly let him kill and eat her. After killng and eating his girlfriend's head, Shuuya battled Chihiro and Haruka and latter was killed by them.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Similar to Chihiro, Shuuya also claimed that he wants to eat the one he loves most.
  • The deaths of Shuuya and his girlfriend are quite ironic: They both kill people by cutting off the heads of the victims. However, they both died by having their heads cut off.
  • So far, Shuuya is the only Amazon with plant motif.



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