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Shuta Sueyoshi (末吉秀太 Sueyoshi Shūta) is a Japanese singer, dancer, and actor who is a prominent member of the band AAA. As a member, they performed the opening theme song to Kamen Rider Den-O, Climax Jump. In 2018, he and singer ISSA performed opening theme song to Kamen Rider Zi-O, Over "Quartzer".


Shuta Sueyoshi is a former student at Starlight School, a vocational school in Kyushu. After graduating, he became the vice-leader of a four-member pop group called Friends, where they released one CD, Be Together. The CD had only sold 3000 copies.

In 2005, Sueyoshi was one of Ami Suzuki's backup dancers during NHK's 56th Anniversary CDTV program.

In 2006, Sueyoshi and the rest of the AAA members made their acting debut in the film The Sea Within.

In 2012, Sueyoshi became a judge for a Japanese dancing competition.

Personal Life

  • Daimoau Kosaka's nickname for Sueyoshi is "Shūti"
  • During his earlier stages of his career, Sueyoshi would often forget to wear pants while on public television.
  • Sueyoshi is a fan of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, so he has a photo of Jake as his phone background.
  • Sueyoshi's favorite Pokemon is Gengar.
  • Sueyoshi enjoys reading manga and playing video games. On Twitter, he has said his first video game was the original Super Smash Bros, and is currently addicted to Monster Hunter XX and Clash Royale.


  • Jack in the Box (album released January 2018)
    • Switch
    • Sad Story
    • Toricago
    • Byoushin Re:time
    • Run Away
  • Wonder Hack (album released January 2019)
    • I'm Your Owner
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