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Shura Hokuto (北斗 修羅 Hokuto Shura) was Neo-ZECT's sole female member and controls a unit of Neo Troopers. She fights alongside the Riders and defeats Worms with energy and passion. She supports Oda and obtains information from ZECT through trickery and betrayal.

However, she was a spy from ZECT. She betrays Oda and Daisuke and shoots Drake to death. After escaping from Oda, she discovers the truth behind ZECT's plan to use the second comet to increase the number of Worms on Earth, causing Mishima and Riku Kagami to order her assassination. She manages to inform Tendou of the truth just before she bleeds to death.

Behind the Scenes


Shura Hokuto is is portrayed by Chisato Morishita (森下 千里 Morishita Chisato).

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