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Shun Makura (真倉 俊) is Mikio Jinno's junior partner in the Futo Police Department.


Makura is pleasant but also extremely impulsive, often jumping to conclusions when it comes to solving crimes and accusing people of committing crimes with little or no proof.

His naïvety and Shotaro Hidari's skills as a detective often get them into fights when they are together. Jinno is needed to break them up at times.

He had a crush on Aya Kujo who had transferred from the Los Angeles Police Department and attempted to impress her by investigating on the crooked cops responsible for her partner's death, with help from Shotaro. However it was revealed that she was the Triceratops Dopant that had come back to Futo City for revenge on the crooked cops and then shifted to Futo itself because of the Gaia Memory's corruption, starting with the Police Department. After Aya was defeated Makura vows to become a better detective for her sake, which he still has problems with.


As he is still inexperienced Makura is easily thrown off course by things, mostly getting knocked out by suspects during investigations.

In the spin-off webisodes of Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Makura comically becomes different kinds of Dopants while experimenting Gaia Memories with Jinno.

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