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Shu Watanabe (渡部 秀 Watanabe Shū) is an actor and singer, known for his role as Eiji Hino, the titular rider in Kamen Rider OOO. Under his characters name, he performed the ending themes for the show.

The last time Watanabe reprised his role as Kamen Rider OOO before replacement voice actors filled in was in Movie War Ultimatum (December 2012). Kamen Rider OOO was voiced by replacement voice actors in later appearances, starting in Super Hero Taisen Z .

In 2017, Watanabe reprised his role of Eiji alongside Ryosuke Miura in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders and episodes 9 and 10 of Kamen Rider Zi-O.

He reprised his role as Kamen Rider OOO in Kamen Rider Battride War.[1]


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