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The Shrike Amazon 1 (モズアマゾン1 Mozu Amazon Ichi) is an Amazon seen only in flashback.


  • Identification code: Sh-443
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Destroyed by: Unknown


Its behavior pattern involved it capturing people and tying them up hanging from high places, leaving them only unconscious before feeding, as it would not eat them if they were already dead.

The Nozama Peston Service Extermination Team tracked down and fought it, Haruka Mizusawa accompanying them on his first mission as part of the team. During the fight, as Amazon Omega he attempted a Violent Strike attack, but had missed the signal that Mamoru was about to attack from underground, the result being that he kicked the Shrike Amazon out of the way just before Mamoru burst from the ground, quickly falling into the hole Mamoru had made.

Powers & Abilities

It is a severe melee fighter, using a sharp beak and toe nails, and strengthens and grow up through the experience of combat and human predation. On predation, it makes its preys the state of suspended animation by the venom secreted from its oral cavity and peck them over time. Like shrike, it impales preys upon a thorn. It is the first experimental Amazon that Haruka defeated since he became an official member of the Exterminators.

Behind the Scenes


The Shrike Amazon is voiced by Koji Takeda (武田 幸史 Takeda Kōji) and portrayed by suit actor Makoto Arakawa (荒川 真 Arakawa Makoto).

Concept Art


Strike Amazon concept art


  • Shrike Amazon 1 is the first Amazon that is given no mention as to whether or not it was successfully destroyed, as the only described attempt was a failure.



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