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Icon-revice.pngThis article is about an episode in Kamen Rider Revice.
Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

Showdown! Farewell!? The End of Darkness and Light (対決!決別!?闇と光の結末, Taiketsu! Ketsubetsu!? Yami to Hikari no Ketsumatsu) is the twenty-sixth episode of Kamen Rider Revice. It features the apparent death of Kagero, as well as the debut of Kamen Rider Holy Live.


Ikki, Daiji, and Sakura learn about their father's dark past and discovers that they have the genes of Giff flowing through their DNA. While Ikki is shocked about the revelation, he continues to be anxious about the recent demon incidents.

As if the anxiety was correct, Kagero continues to grow stronger in Daiji's body. "I'm a demon, so I can take control of that body. Daiji, it's time you disappear." Provoked by Kagero's words, Daiji faces him head-on knowing that the conclusion of their fight may end in a tragic farewell. Then, the fire between their fight gets cut off...


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Stamp Used:
    • Revi
      • Rolling
    • Live
      • Bat, Holy Wing
    • Evil
      • Bat
    • Demons
      • Spider, Batta, Scorpion, Anomalocaris
    • Vail
      • Kabuto
  • Form Used:
    • Revice
      • Jack Revice
    • Live
      • Bat Genome, Holy Live
    • Evil
      • Bat Genome
    • Demons
      • Spider Genome, Batta Scorpion Anomalocaris Genomix


  • At one point in their battle, Live uses a finisher against Evil, but no announcement is heard.
  • After Daiji sends the final punch to Kagero, Ikki was shown to be standing in front of George even though in the previous shot he was punched by Orteca to another room.


Revice EP 26 CS.png
  • Closing Screen
    • Kamen Riders: Live
    • Vistamps: Holy Wing
  • Count at episode end
    • Vistamps in Revi's possession: Rex, Eagle, Mammoth, Megalodon, Ptera, Lion, Kong, Kamakiri, Brachio, Neo Batta, Kangaroo, Barid Rex, Volcano, Rolling
    • Vistamps in Live's possession: Bat, Jackal, Holy Wing
    • Vistamps in Jeanne's possession: Cobra, Kujaku, Turtle
    • Vistamps in Demons' possession: Spider, Batta, Mogura, Condor, Scorpion, Giff Junior, Giff Stamp
    • Vistamps in Fenix's possession: White Leo, Quetzalcoatlus, Thunder Gale
    • Vistamps in unknown possession: Kabuto
    • Proto Vistamps in Demons' possession: Daiouika, Anomalocaris
    • Proto Vistamps in Fenix's possession: Cheetah, Koala, Elephant, Shark
    • Proto Vistamps in Aguilera's possession: Queen Bee
    • Proto Vistamps in unknown possession: Planarian, Sabertiger, Chameleon, Wolf
  • Due to a cyber attack on Toei Animation the week prior, new episodes of the accompanying anime of the Sunday Kid's time block Delicious Party Pretty Cure, which airs directly before Super Hero Time, was postponed.[2]
  • This episode features appearances of the Anomalocaris and Crow Vistamps, and Demons' Anomalocaris Genomix. An incomplete version of the Thunder Gale Vistamp also makes an appearance in this episode.
  • Evil's helmet is destroyed in this episode. Unlike previous broken helmet scenes, however, it does not show Kagero's face beneath it, but instead the broken part is dented and has a splattered paint-like effect.
  • Sakura does not transform in this episode.


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