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Shoko Oki (沖 荘子 Oki Shōko) is the head of the student council's decency committee. She has feelings for Sugiura and though knowing that Sugiura has feelings for Sayaka, she follows his lead faithfully and dutifully carries out Sugiura's orders despite the bizarreness, thinking that Sugiura will notice her feelings for him if she keeps doing what he tells her to. She eventually breaks down when Sugiura disregards her loyalty all these while altogether and chooses to punish her for her inability to capture Tomoko instead. She indirectly help to bring an end to all the madness happening in the school by telling Gentaro all she knows about Sugiura and Sayaka.

Behind the scenes


Shoko Oki is portrayed by Seira Maeda (前田 聖来 Maeda Seira).


  • Shoko shares her last name with Kazuya Oki (Kamen Rider Super-1)
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