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Shogo Kano (加納 省吾 Kanō Shogō) was Reika Mizusawa's secretary.

Character History

Kano originally served as Reika Mizusawa's secretary during the original Amazonz crisis. Five years after the end of Operation Tlaloc, Kano was transferred to 4C, where he became the secretary for Yugo Tachibana.

During the commotion of Chihiro's rampage as Origin Neo, Kano managed to capture a photograph of the Amazonz's true form when he was drawn in by its tendrils and send it to his former employer, Reika, before his lower torso were bisected by the beast. Before dying, Kano managed to make one final call on his phone to Reika about Chihiro's status before "tending his resignation" as he died from the lack of vital internal organs and severe blood loss. VANISHING WINGS


Kano is a very reserved individual. He also seems to be a bit germaphobic, as when in the presence of an Amazon or in a place that is deemed filthy by him, he covers his mouth with his handkerchief even when speaking.

Kano is also known to be very stoic, often walking in a very stiff manner. Even at his last moments, he managed to maintain his usual blank expression before dying.

Behind the Scenes


Shogo Kano is portrayed by Toshimasa Komatsu (小松 利昌 Komatsu Toshimasa).



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