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The Boss (首領 Shuryō), later revealed to be the Shocker Leader (ショッカー首領 Shokkā Shuryō, lit. Shocker Boss), was the leader of the 6 Greeeds, and was able to transform into OOOOOO (ヘキサオース Hekisaōsu, lit. Hexa OOO).

It was later revealed that this Shocker Leader was only a character in Eiji's dream.



As a counterpart in Eiji Hino's dream, this Shocker Leader was the incarnation of the Great Leader of Shocker appeared in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders. Although the Rock Great Leader was defeated by the All Rider Break, the spirit of Shocker Leader survived. He reformed the organization and hijacked Kougami Foundation. Using Cell Medals kept in the foundation, Shocker Leader created the 6 Greeeds of evil organizations. He later sent the Greeeds to attack Kamen Rider OOO in order to obtain the OOO Driver.

The OOO Driver was later analysed by the scientists, and successfully created a 6-slot driver. Shocker Leader, now a skeleton, used the driver and transformed into OOOOOO. He then battled Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo and Riderman, and easily defeated them. Shocker Leader then shown the ability to breakdown machines. This ability was specifically effective on cyborgs, and thus successfully disarmed Riderman. However, a man with red mask suddenly broke in and damaged Shocker Leader. The man then team up with OOO and Riderman, and... the dream ends.

Go! Shocker Kaijin Army!

Go Shocker Kaijin Army

Shocker Kaijin Army

Shocker Boss was shown transformed into OOOOOO and leading the Kaijin Army consists of Ganikomol, Turtle Bazooka, Armadillong, Shocker Combatmen, Gel Shocker Combatmen, and Destron Combatmen.


Evil Organization Combo
Hexa OOO

OOOOOO Evil Organization Combo

  • Height: 211m
  • Weight: 130kg

Evil Organization Combo (悪の軍団コンボ Aku no Gundan Konbo), is the default form of OOOOOO, sometime also written as 000000. This form is accessed through the 6 Core Medals from Shocker Greeed, Gel Shocker Greeed, Destron Greeed, G.O.D. Greeed, Garanda Greeed and Delza Greeed, with the 6-slot OOO Driver, transformed into an evil figure called "The skull wearing armor with Kamen Rider OOO's design".

Relief of successive enemy organizations is engraved on the OOO Lung Circle (オーラングサークル Ō Rangu Sākuru) at the chest, and the bone designs are used throughout the body. Multiple tentacles extend from the back as the ability release state, once the transformation is complete, and it remains that way.

Like the purple Core Medal, it has the power to destroy Core Medals that are not normally possible, such as breaking OOO’s Ptera, Tricera and Tyranno Medals.

Like the Big Machine in the manga "Kamen Rider", Shocker Leader also show the ability to breakdown machines, and mentioning the "October Plan" (A Shocker's plan to conquer Japan in Kamen Rider manga).

Appearances: Kamen Rider OOO Edition: OOZ, Special Edition: Shocker Boss -OOOOOO-, S.I.C. Hero Saga Special: Go! Shocker Kaijin Army!




  • In his first appearance in 2013, he was only called Boss. Later, he gained his official name Shocker Boss -OOOOOO- when his Super Imaginative Chogokin figure was finally released in 2017.

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