This article is about a/an henchmen group in the reboot film series
which includes Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next.
For the henchmen from the original Kamen Rider series, see the Shocker Combatmen.

The Shocker Combatmen (ショッカー戦闘員 Shokkā Sentōin) are troopers used by Shocker in their goal for world domination. These Shocker Combatmen are shown wearing gas masks in addition to the normal black clothes worn by the originals. Their clothing is similar to an American jet fighter pilot.

Icon-first Kamen Rider The First & The Next
Kamen Riders
Takeshi Hongo - Katsuhiko Yano - Shiro Kazami
Typhoon - Double Typhoon - Cyclone - Hurricane
The First: Asuka Midorikawa - Tōbei Tachibana
The Next: Kotomi Kikuma
Great Leader of Shocker
Shocker Staff (The First): Youth - Lady - Elderly Gentleman
Inhumanoids (The First): Spider - Bat - Haruhiko Mitamura - Miyoko Harada
Inhumanoids (The Next): Scissors Jaguar - Chainsaw Lizard
Henchmen: Shocker Combatmen - Shocker Riders
Other Enemies: Chiharu
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