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"I'm Wataru's Mother Figure."
―Self-proclamation when introducing herself[src]

Shizuka Nomura (野村 静香 Nomura Shizuka) a 14-year-old middle-schooler and appears to have a huge crush on Wataru.


Shizuka tends to be over-protective of Wataru, and tries her best to support him as "his mother figure", although it usually shows her crush on him in reality. Although secretly admiring him, she constantly supports him even with his love problems with Mio.


She usually acts as a caretaker for Wataru, standing up for him against his neighbors as well as encouraging him to be more outgoing, though helping him even when his goals go against this. She seems casually aware of Kivat's existence from the start of the series, but gives him little attention.

After Mio appears and Wataru starts falling for her, Shizuka becomes visibly jealous. She once tries playing the middleman and lying to both sides to keep them apart, but sees how her charade affects Wataru and gets them back together, settling for being just a mother figure for Wataru. When the Saints Go Marching In: I Am King Curtain Raising: Kiva's Identity


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In the novel reimagination of the TV series, Shizuka Nomura is a more important character and contributes more to the plot.

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