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Shinmei (新名) is the human form of the Wolf Undead (ウルフアンデッド Urufu Andeddo), the Category Jack of Hearts Undead.


He turns the corpses of his victim into werewolf minions, pretending to be an Undead Hunter who hunts the werewolves and other Undead down. Upon have his men shoot down the one Mutsuki fought, Shinmei has them target Miyuki next. He then assumed his Undead form and fought Miyuki himself, even refusing to side with her, until Daichi applauds their performance and joins them on one side. After the three Riders arrive and transform, Shinmei takes on Leangle before he and Miyuki retreat to have Daichi deal with them. Shinmei then maims a man and retreats before Kenzaki can get to him, then using his publicity and team to shoot down the werewolf, explaining to Kenzaki of their profession. Later, Kenzaki and Tachibana meet Shinmei and his team with the Black Fang, a bike stolen from BOARD, wanting to add the Rouse Card technology on to it for his claims of defeating Undeads. After its completion, the next day, Shinmei disposed of his own men while adding his features on the Black Fang. While trying to run over them, Kenzaki and Tachibana transform to get Shinmei off the motorcycle, only for more werewolves to stop them and have the Undead ride off with the motorcycle. The two Riders then continued to fight Shinmei in spite of his claiming to them that they're not his targets, later using its force field to deflect Tachibana's shots against them, allowing for his escape. When Kenzaki was relieved of his safety and tried to make a new BOARD wtih him, Shinmei attempted to murder him behind his back with his claw until Tachibana stopped him. After Tachibana ousted him of his scheme and true intentions, Shinmei laughed and gleefly confessed his malice before Kenzaki tried to shoot him. Shinmei mocked Kenzaki of the fact that the stun guns never actually work before slawing his arm down the bridge and escaping. After eventually getting attacked off the Black Fang thanks to added support from a special motorcyclist, Kenzaki fights him as Tachibana destroyed the motorcycle. The two Riders then perform their on Shinmei, with Kenzaki sealing him after.Mysterious HuntersA Traitor's Sprint

When King stole Hajime Aikawa's cards, Kenzaki gave the sealed Fusion Wolf to Hajime, allowing him to control Joker's power.The Targeted Kenzaki


Black Fang

  • Motorcycling: Shinmei is shown to be very proficient with motorcycling, especially on the Black Fang.
  • Progenity: Shinmei can maim people and turn them into werewolves.
  • Claw Formation: He is able to transform his hands into wolf-like claw.

Wolf Undead

Wolf Undead

  • Height: 223 cm
  • Weight: 119 kg

An immortal creature, the ancestor of wolves, that belongs to the Hearth Suit's Category Jack. Cleave the enemy with the blades Knifer (ナイファー Naifā) that have grown in full length from side to side. In addition, its claws and fangs store the Wolvirus (ウルフヴィールス Urufuvu~īrusu), which transforms biological and inorganic substances as a puppet to supplement itself, and by doing this, also transforms humans into werewolf (ワーウルフ Wāurufu) form and manipulates them.

Rouse Card

Wolf Undead Rouse Card

  • Suit: Heart (♥)
  • Category: Jack (J)
  • Effect name: FUSION
  • Card name: Fusion Wolf (フュージョン・ウルフ Fūjon Urufu)
  • Consumption points: EP +2400

Behind the scenes


Shinmei is portrayed by Masashi Kagami (加々美 正史 Kagami Masashi).

Concept Art


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